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Kawasaki Ninja 300 - Buying Price

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ariderslife, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Hey, If this is listed under the wrong section i Apolgize. but this seems about right.

    2 Videos i made for a review on the 2013 Ninja 300

  2. Hi all,

    Just wondering if I could get some advice on buying a Ninja 300. I've already spoken to the dealer and got an offer, but wanted to get your input.

    Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS, make is December 2013, White, Fender Eliminator with installation, Rear Seat Cowl, at $6,800 ride away.

    What do you think? Any feedback would be great.

  3. How many km's?

    Price seems decent. A pre-owned Ninja 300 goes for about $6000.

    Considering yours is white (less of them out there), has the rear seat cowl (about $150) and has ABS (which is usually $1K more than non-ABS), I think $6800 is a decent deal if the #of km's is average and there isn't any cosmetic damage and there's no maintenance that is needed upfront.
  4. Thanks Justin.. I guess I must have gotten a good deal since the bike is brand new with zero km's :).. What do you think?
  5. Sounds pretty good. I've been watching them second hand for a couple months before I bought mine two weeks ago. You won't save much at all going secondhand over that price.
    6k is the sweet spot with 500-5000kms on them. I'd probably have gone new if it was only 800 more (Would have been $1500+ more where I live).
  6. I know.. It's funny how the secondhand is not that much lower in price!!. But you are right MrBaggins, I thought if the going price is around the $6000 then I am not far off a good deal specially that I'm getting another $300 worth of mods. By the way, the dealer also offered me a Yoshi slip-on for an extra $480 installed.. which looks sweet considering the price for the exhaust is about $650. The good thing is that I can go back for that at any time even in the future.

    I think this is a good time to buy because most of the stock at the moment is dated between June and December 2013.. you'll find that dealers will want to clear there showrooms for stock dated 2014.. It's crazy, given the fact that the bike hasn't changed at all from 2013 to 2014.
  7. Hot Damn! Great Deal!

    You won't take too much of a hit once the time comes to sell. You can ride that thing for 16 months and still get $6200 - 6400 for it.

    The ABS will be keep your bike at a premium compared to the rest on the market.

  8. Thanks Justin.. Lets see how long it will take before I get bored with it and start eyeing off a bigger machine.. I have a feeling I'll be on a GSXR750 in 12 months or so.. So it's good to know I wont be losing a fortune by then.
  9. My local shop wants $7200 for the ABS version.
  10. so i had a glance at the forums regarding buying used vs new bikes in general as well as buying new vs used bikes as an L plater.
    keep in mind, i have just bought a new 2014 ninja 300

    main argument i saw was that L platers should need to ride new bikes or that it was a big intial financial burden.
    opposing argument is that you never know if the used bike was thrashed around, problems here and there could drive up the "true" price and you may be thinking, may have well spent the extra 500$ or so on the purchase price and bought new.

    anyway, regardless, i was browsing bikesales used prices for the ninja 300 from kms ranging from 1000km to 10000km and they all want approx 5500 to 6000. this was for the 2013 ninja 300s.
    i've just bought my 2014 ninja 300 model for 6100.

    i'm not saying i got a good deal (i don't know that i have) but isn't it better to have spent that extra several hundred dollars for the new bike?

    of course i have every intention in selling the bike after 15 mths (pending i get full license by then)

    if i can sell it for 4000-4500 next year then i'm out of pocket over that period of time approx $1500 to $2000.

    if i were to buy used with the intention of selling that too, i presume i would be left stuck a similar amount? (can't be off that much)

    so taking into account resale value and the intention of selling the LAMS bike after 15 months or so, i think its not a bad decision to buy new... anyway just some thoughts and this may make no sense as i am trying to convince myself i made the right decision lol

  11. Sell it for 5500-6000 next year :p
  12. As someone looking at buying a bike for the first time, I find the market pretty odd too. 1/2-year old LAMS bikes are very near their new value, which leads me to think depreciation rates are low. Fine.

    But then on the other hand, none of the bikes for sale I've been keeping an eye on (mostly on bikesales.com.au and gumtree) have sold at all (this has been over a couple of months). Sellers seem to price very high, but the market looks incredibly slow.
  13. The main reason to buy a bike second hand is money. If there difference in the two isn't much, then by all means buy new.

    The other reason is depreciation, so again, money. If the depreciation hit isn't going to be bad then go for it.

    Why wouldn't you buy new if the money is similar? Of course go new.
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  14. what they ask and what they get second hand may be a fair distance apart also.
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  15. This is bikesales in a nutshell. There are hundreds of bikes that sit on there for half a year or even more, the people selling them are all dreaming that there bike is somehow special and worthy only $200-1000 less than a brand new bike with full warranty. It's a weird world the bike market in Australia is very strange indeed, too many people wishing for to much.
  16. What would be a more realistic price for say a 2013 ninja 300 thats done 2000kms?
  17. I'm heading into Peter Stevens - Ringwood this weekend to have a look at some 300's (used and new). What sort of prices would I be looking for at the moment do people reckon?
  18. http://m.redbook.com.au/bikes/details/?R=639956
  19. Awesome thanks! Does anyone know what the MY13, MY14 means?
  20. MY = model year.

    MY13 is 2013 model.

    You want to know the build date as well. :)