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Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bleak, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for any advice that anyone might have in regards to road bikes.

    Basically I'm in the market to purchase my first road bike to commute, currently not interested in weekend rides with friends but I'm sure that will change (or so I have been told).

    Because I only have my 250cc license, I am looking for a 250cc and not really a huge fan of naked bikes.

    I haven't had much luck looking for motorbikes, it's very confusing trying to find a style and the manufacture websites don't have much information.

    Basically, I am interested in the Kawasaki Ninja 250R (the 2008 version) and I am just about to purchase one brand new, I am unable to find anyone selling atm (haven't checked bike stores yet though).

    Is there anyone that could give me their review/thoughts on the Ninja 250R and if any of you know a bike that is similar in look/style that I should look into that would be much appreciated too.

    Thank you very much for reading my post and thank you in advance for taking the time to write a reply to my questions.

  2. Check out the link my my sig, its got info and pics for alot of learner legal bikes.
  3. Also, if you scroll through the reviews section (or use the search funtion) you'll find a thread about 30 pages long on the Ninja 250R :wink:
  4. Ninja250R is probably out of your reach for now. So many people have had their names down for pre-order since April and are just starting to get them now (getting mine in a week or two).

    You can try.
  5. Get an older GPX - it's roughly the same bike, at less than half the price, much cheaper to insure and there's a metric shitload of secondhand spares available at wreckers. You'll almost certainly chuck whatever you get down the road and scratch it up or worse, so why do that to a brand new one? It doesn't look as "gangsta" but then you're a learner, nobody will think you're cool anyway.
  6. If you think you'll upgrade to a larger capacity bike when you're off your learners, then get a second hand ZZR or GPX. Depreciation wont be a killer.
  7. I'm not too sure if I will upgrade to a bigger cc in the future, I'm looking to keep the bike for around 2 years before I go overseas for a couple of years.

    Thanks for the tips on the ZZR and the GPX. Although please keep in mind that I can only ride a 250cc motorbike for now.

    Personally, I don't like naked bikes, I've read that the Hornet is an awesome starter bike but it's something that I wouldn't feel comfortable riding because it's not something that I find visually appealing.

    If anyone has any more models that I should check out that would be much appreciated.

    I have a question - about the CBR250RR - Why is it that the bikes are still so expensive? 1999 model that is advertised for $7800. These are an attractive bike and seem to have a good reputation, but even with high km's they're still asking for really high prices! What gives?

    thanks again
  8. Hi, looks like you got your mind set on the 4 strokes so i will throw in a two stroke, how about a nsr 150 or a rs 125? otherwise you could have a look at the cbrrr and the zx2r :) good luck mate
  9. CBR250's are 4 cylinder, making them rev happy and more powerful (45hp up to the end of 1993, 40hp after that). Aluminium frame. Officially imported by Honda Australia. Haven't been made for 10-12 years. Probably the most popular learner sportsbike here in australia. Good reputation for reliability and performance (among 250cc's anyway). Having said that, they certainly aren't worth $7800. I paid half that privately. Good bike though, but dealers are trying to make too much money off the reputation.

    I'd also agree with previous posters suggestions of a late model GPX250. Nice simple 250cc V twin. Been around since the late 80's. Doesn't look as nice as the new ninja 250r, but basically the same as it in other area's.
  10. bleak, there is so many reviews and thoughts about this bike if you look through some of the posts as suggested by some of the others. Also there is a video comparision on motorcyclenews.co.uk.

    Also GPX and ZZR are 250cc. (although there was a zzr600 released here in aus).

    Also i would have to agree with everyone else get a second hand zzr/gpx. (...which on a side note have parallel engines not twins).

    However it always depends on your disposable income. You can get a new bike if you want. However my guess is if your after looks, you are going to upgrade to something shiner when restriction time ends.
    Also the more you come to appreciate bikes the more you come to realise a 250r doesn't look like a hardcore sports but just looks like a 250r.

    Personally i ride a zzr, which i'll admit isn't as good looking as a 250r, but at least nowadays it doesn't come across as trying to be stylish when it isn't. Also as an entry level bike it has great range, it can tour on 110km/h roads, it is light and easy to manuve and it is very forgiving. Plus it is bullet proof and relatively cheap. However it doesn't exactly have mountains of power (it is good for a 250, but at the end of the day it is a 250) or have breaks that can pull off stoppies. However on the flip side the new 250r has less grip in the corners than a zzr and less power.

    In short buy what you want, but like the other net riders suggestions, i say don't bother and get a second hand gpx or if you can spend a bit more get a zzr. Particularly if you don't like naked bikes.
  11. 2nd hand could be better option

    hi bleak..

    I'm a relatively new rider and I gotta say as tempting and reassuring as having a brand new bike seems, the reality is you're a learner and things "happen" when you're a learner. So look at 2nd hand for the sake of saving cash, saving face if you drop it and the ease of re-sale to another learner rider when you're done with it.

    those new ninja 250's got a great wrap in the latest issue of Two Wheels, the issue with the gold cover, check it out. They look cool.