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Kawasaki Ninja 250r vs Honda CBR250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MYOMNOMS, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hello gentlemen,

    I'm looking at buying my first bike.

    At the moment I'm stuck between the Ninja 250r and the Honda CBR250R (fortunately I've put away enough to buy one new :D), but I'm quite stuck on what to get. I'm about 6' 2" and 80 odd kilos. I had a sit on a CBR250R and I sit alright on one, so my height isn't too big a problem.

    I'm just hoping anyone more knowledgeable than me (which I'm sure there's plenty of you here) could give me some advice. Oh and I'm more than happy to hear suggestions on other bikes. All I require Is that it can do daily highway commuting and carry a small amount on the back.

    ,Thanks in advance
  2. A mate of mine still has his ninja 250 and he said that it could do freeways ok but needs to really needs to twist he throttle to maintain speed when going up hill on he freeway. I assume the cbr will be similar. I personally like the look of the new cbr250 more. I do know the ninja250 has older technology compared to the Honda. Why not try a bigger bike such as a cb400, er6nl or gladius. The only lams bike hat is not power restricted is the cb400
  3. Key difference, as far as I can see it that the CBR is fuel injected and newer. I have ridden the CBR. Have not ridden the Kawasaki, some say the ninja is a slightly quicker. I would say that they are going to be similar and to be honest both good to learn on. Pretty much going to come down to personal taste and preference.

    Having said that, if you are cashed up it would probably pay to have a look around for something a bit bigger, with a bigger engine. If you decide at that point that you still want a 250 then choose one. But certainly 6k or 6.5k would expose you to a pretty wide range of lambs approved bikes.
  4. The cbr has the abs available, as a learner get that.
  5. I have off road experience, plus I'd rather balance the brakes out myself, but thanks! I understand why you'd recommend it mate!

    If a 250 is a bit weak for highway use, what bikes out there could I find lams approved (in Victoria) that would do the job? Basically anything under about 7-8000 would be lovely, but I can go slightly higher if it would be worth doing.

    , Thanks
  6. Hi Doug,

    Have a look at GS500F, Looks awesome and its in your price range.

  7. As a learner I would prefer to learn how to brake first in given situations, before relying on ABS.

    ABS doesn't teach you that......

  8. Thanks mate,

    I'd had a look at the GS500 (I do love the naked bikes, sorry, Standard bikes :p) before but I went off them, The fact that they are air-cooled makes me a little paranoid about them.

    I'm really liking the cb400 though, If anyone knows any reoccurring problems on them or design faults worth noting, I'd love to hear from you!

    Thanks again,

    (P.S: I'd be looking at a used cb400, I'm far from cashed up haha)
  9. I have heard that the GS500 series of bikes are rather good and reliable. Just like the difference between the cbr250 n ninja250 is mostly features. Cb400 is fuel injected, vtec engine, abs, adjustable suspensions, inline 4 engine. But the gs500 does have a slightly larger engine.
    Downside to a CB400 is that it's pipe sounds very civilized, it really needs an after market pipe to free it's soul.
  10. Well we just can't have that can we :p Nah I'm just not a fan of Suzuki, Because they've made such shitty cars, I find myself unable to trust them.

    Which one of the two is more reliable/ easier to maintain? I'd be doing maintenance myself (combination of being a cheap bastard and desire to learn) and I've been told that the cb400 is a biatch to adjust the valve clearance on.

  11. KLR650, Suzuki DR650, Honda CB400 (previously mentioned),

    I don't see the sense in being prejudiced against Suzuki motorcycles just because of their cars.
  12. Well there is no question about Honda reliability. Maintenance I m not too sure coz I just get the mechanic to the job. I just do super simple stuff such as lubbing the chain.
    Suzuki appears to make better bikes than cars. Suzuki's first operation after ww2 was to make motorcycles
  13. Hey All,

    Got my Pre learners and L's done last week and took delivery of my new CBR250R ABS

    It's a good package for the price. Paid $7k @ Hawkesburry Honda and it was hard to find available stock which made it hard to haggle the price.

    It was delivered to my door all polished with a tank of 95 Ron fuel :D

    Haven't ridden the Ninja 250R before but was going to get one for myself until i decided on the CBR. I didn't like the fact that the kwaka didn't have FI as its still running on carby (comeon its 2011). Overall i really like my CBR although it's not like the old 4 cyl screamer but it does the job in teaching me valuable riding skills.

    Gear changes are smooth and the cluth is very easy to use. Even so, I did stall a few times by misjudging the friction point during hill starts. Did a hard engine break in and i went up to 136 km/h on a quiet closed off street and it could have reached 150+ easily (im not advocating speeding but to show that it's fast enough as a LAMS bike)

    Im 5'8 and weighs 80kg and the bike is really comfortable with both feet touching the ground with ease. The fuel tank is very huggable and the bike is very solid.


    Parallel twin = better sounding bike
    Aggressive styling and very sexy for a LAMS bike
    2008 all green is the best imo followed by the blue
    Old school dash
    High revving to get going


    Newer tech and engine
    Fuel Injection
    Nice design
    ABS version for the same price of a Ninja 250R (bloody rainy weather recently)
    Nice digital dash (trip, time etc etc)
    Tourquey for a single cylinder
    Being a single, the bike sounds like a lawnmover
    Ugly exhaust (soon to be changed :p)

    Get to the dealers and sit on both bikes to get a feel for it just like i did.

    Goodluck mate and let us know how you go

    Edit: Correction, 150 is harder than i thought :D i got up to 140 with a bit of revs left before redline
  14. Thanks a heap mate! But after what a few others have said, I'm worried a 250 may be too weak for me. I'm 6'3 and 80 odd kilos (probably closer to 90 these days, Gym membership ran out haha) And would be travelling about 35 kilometres of highway 5 days a week plus weekend fun. I live in semi-hilly areas as well.

    I'm just of the old fashioned idea of always having more power than you'll ever use (I drive a ford falcon for example :p).

    I really appreciated the comparison =D>, And I do sort of like the cbr250r more then the ninja, but both look fantastic!

  15. Yeah look for something bigger...something like gs500f maybe...or cb400.
  16. We all have our irrational prejudices :p, But in all seriousness, I'm sure Suzukis are just as good as most Jap bikes, which is to say they're quite good. It's just that they are probably my least favourite of the Japanese Motorbikes.

    I'm really not a fan of the KLR650's though, I was strongly considering buying one but all the sort of small faults in them. But I do quite like the cb400's. What years are fuel injected and what years have a carby in them? If anyone could tell me I'd be indebted to them for eternity!

  17. Have a look for a hyosung GT650R. Its a "big" bike. Much the same size as any other 600cc sports bike. Be much more comfy someone your size (slightly taller than average).

    CB400s are hippos. And its a honda to boot. Thats two out of two on the "hell no" list for me :D . GT650 is EFI and if you score a 2010 or later (which is very in your budget), the reliability will be on par with any other jap bike.

    EDIT: The GT650 comes in three styles "R", "S" & Neked. R is sports. S is semi faired (much like a sv650) and neked is well, neked :D . It would kick the crap out of a CB400 for highway stuff and would kick the crap out of many LAMs bikes in the twisties bar a few of the more nuttier and more expensives LAMs bikes.
  18. I have to agree with Ninja, if i were you the Hyo would be my choice, cheap to run and maintain and you will not lose much on resale at the end, most online videos rate the motor well, MCN thought it had better punch than the SV650S. Even rapid bikes were surprised when they reviewed it against its much dearer competitors (Street Triple etc)
  19. The only problem with the hyo 650s is that they r restricted in power in the lams versions
  20. The CB400 had older models in the 199x's which sometimes are rebuilt and sold, but dont get suckered in.. the CB400 earliest model in aus was 2008. I just bought one for 8k an 08/09 model with only 3500kms and its great.. i was the same as you thinking powerwise, im 6"1 and 90kgs myself, and the cb400 accommodates easily.. to begin with when i was still learning i shifted every time i approached vtec range (6500+rpm) as that felt like the right time to shift and i was too jolty at higher revs.

    But now ive gotten more confident as a rider and have started cranking it into the VTEC range before shifting. Its amazing fun cause it allows you to be safe and smooth at lower speeds below vtec range, but you have the capacity to crank it into vtec and get some great power out.

    The bike is quite long, but it is great at highway speeds - doesnt get shaken around by the wind too much for a non faired / non screened bike, and has plenty of power to overtake at those speeds if required.

    Its only issue is its higher starting price compared to a gs500.. but if you can afford it i highly reccommend a 2nd hand one. oh and it needs a new exhaust too :p

    Good luck! let us know what you choose