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Kawasaki Ninja 250r - Indicators not working at all.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shif_tea, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. hi guys,

    Just bought a new Ninja 250r, it's only about 3 weeks old. Just got my L's today and went to take it on it's maiden voyage, when i got to the end of the driveway i realised my indicators weren't working.

    Took it back inside, pulled the seat out and checked the fuses, they were all good, just to be safe i replaced the indicator fuse anyway. Still no joy.

    It's under warranty, only problem is i'll have to drive it to the workshop with no indicators which is a bit scary, so i was wondering if anyone has had any issues on these bikes that are similar or if it's just a random occurance.

    Figure if i can get it sorted at home saves me the hassle of taking it in for warranty repair.

    All other electronics are working fine.

  2. look thru the top of the fairing and check that they put globes in, also trace the wires a bit and see if they are connected to anything. your dealer may have forgotten to plug them in after they put the fairing on its happened to me too.
  3. Cheers mate, just ducked down and looked but it looks like the globes are in there and i traced the wiring as far as it was easy to do and couldn't find any problems.

    I'm trying to remember if i've ever used to indicators at all since i've had it, today was the first time i've tried to take it on the road so i don't think i have.

    Anyway i'll just get it looked at under warranty.
  4. thats no good i cant really think of anything else to try but the dealer will fix it in 2 seconds lol.

    maybe get a friend to follow you in a car if your worried about not having indicators, or point where your going :p
  5. Lol yeah i'll have to use ye old fashioned hand signals :p

    Actually i do like the idea of having someone follow me, might get the gf to tail me in the car. Thanks again :)
  6. Do you keep it in the shed or leave it in the rain? A bit of WD-40 sort it if the latter is the case. :)
  7. tis a brand new bike bro

    take it back to the shop
    dont bother looking over it
    dont tell them you have
    they may use it against you as in 'oh we believe you have fiddled and screwed it' type thing

    just roll it in and tell them the indicators are not working, that the fuse is fine
  8. +1, and my money is on the relay being DOA.
  9. What buznbye said dun tell em u touched it. They never wana fix anythign for free and use anything to not have to. just say they suddenly stop working and its a brand new bike.
  10. +1 buznbye

    let us know how it went