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Solved Kawasaki ninja 250r - Hawthorn - starting problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Linh, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,
    There was unlucky day when I forgot to refill the petro. I filled it after 30 mins of walking with my baby, but then, no petro in engine. I need 2hs to start it with push start (several time from the top of the hill to free roll down). But I didn't take a long trip to make it work properly and recharge its battery. And it can't start this morning. No petro in engine (but in the tank), and battery almost exhausted. I'm near Auburn station. Anyone can help or suggestions?
    Many thanks!

  2. Hi Linh,
    bit more details would go astray, what kind of bike? is is carburated or EFI. does it have a fuel cock ?(is it turned on?)

    oh by the way, Welcome to NR!

    Edit* ooops just read the thread tag...Ninja 250R
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    I had been here before I bought the bike, but I dont remember the account on my computer.

    I have just checked, and the battery is still working. But no petrol has burned. Just the sound like electric trigger of the gas cooker but more loudly. Does anyone know how to start it without rolling from the top of the hill? I don't know how to refill the cylinders with petroleum without moving the bike. I successed with the third rolling, but I'm not sure I can do it again. This 200kg baby is too heavy for me roll up to the hill.
  4. by your description, it sounds like you battery is dead. the clicking you hear is the starter solenoid, but your battery doesn't have enough power to turn the engine. so you either need to 'jump start', recharge the battery or roll start it.
    to roll start it, make sure your ignition is on, kill switch is off(in the run position) put it in 2nd gear and side stand up. push it down the hill and once you got some decent speed, drop the clutch.
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  5. Hi Linh,

    I understand it is a Carburetor bike and you say there is no petrol in the engine. Just to make sure we understand you how are you checking there is no fuel making it to the engine?

    I would agree with MadDogMadDog that the battery sounds like it is flat so jump start or roll start it if you can. It is an electrical fuel pump so you need electricity ebefore it can pump petrol up. The original problem was probably caused by running the tank empty and it gad rubbish in the bottom of the tank. Under the left side cover is a fuel tap \. If you have run ot dry you may need to move this to the Prime position. Once you have it started return it to the On position or the tank will drain.
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    The empty engine was my first thought, because I tried to start when the fuel tank was empty. I understand push start as I did start it by that way. But I only ride for few hundreds of meters, and it can not recharge to start now. If there is a electrical fuel pump, low battery is my problem. The battery is not completely dry, because the light still can be turned on. It has done the maintenance services 2 weeks ago, but I think they didn't check the battery. What should I do if I cannot do the push start?
  7. Switch the fuel tap to the prime position for a few seconds to fill the float bowls on the carb then back to On. Then with some jumper leads connect it to a friends car battery and try and start it again. If you get it started then you will need to take it for a longer ride at highway speeds, At least an hour to recharge the battery. The general rule with jumper leads is:

    1. Start the car and let it idle.
    2. Positive to Bike.battery positive
    3. Other end of positive to car battery
    4. Negative to bike frame or battery negative
    5. Other end of negative to car battery negative.
    Start the bike, rev it a few times then remove the Jumper cable in the reverse order shown above.
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  8. I thought it was a bad idea to jump start a bike off a car. Dunno why, but its good to know that its okay to do it.
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  9. depends on the bike
    can blow some fuses
    any way if you follow CJs instructions it will be ok
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  10. guess he got it started

    I recommend a new battery and fit a trickle charger to maintain it.
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  11. As Uncle Greg said you can blow fuses, in the early days of electronic engine management in cars they were also susceptible to electrical spikes which could damage those ECUs. The order you do things shown above is intended to try and prevent those spikes. For many years now both car and bike electronics have been designed to be hardened against these kind of spikes.

    Using external chargers is something you should exercise care with. Car chargers can overcharge the smaller bike batteries so if the charger has a low setting use it, otherwise be careful to leave it on for only about an hour.
  12. Oh thats good to know about the chargers. Luckily since my bike is nice and small its easy to push start, even on flat ground, but good to know if I ever upgrade to a bigger bike(looking at you Thruxton R)
  13. I parked it far from my house, and I checked the bike. It is exactly what you guys say. The battery was dry. Is there any mechanic can help me to replace it? Or help me to pump start, and I can ride to a workshop to replace it. As I dont have any friend with a car near me. I came here about 1 year ago with no one in contact.
    Thank you for quick reply.
  14. There is a Repco in Richmond, which I would expect would sell motorbike batteries(they definitely sell car batteries) and should be easy enough to get to from Hawthorn, either walking or public transport.


    I haven't actually been to a Repco before but from my understanding they should be able to help you out, feel free to correct me though if I'm wrong.
  15. I will try to contact them tomorrow. If i can borrow some tools from my neighbour, I could try to replace it myself. It should not be difficult to me.
    Have a good night.
  16. Considering what happened, I think the battery was drained because of me. But the battery is still working. There was no problem, and it was checked 2 weeks ago by mechanic when I take it to the maintenance service. I did not turn it off when the fuel tank empty, because it was raining at that time and I want other vehicles can see me. Anyway, could anyone please help me to jump start it? I will be at Hawthorn at 4pm.
  17. If you can roll start it mate, take it for a good 30minute plus ride and that should give you an indication of whether the battery requires replacing.
  18. Hey LinhLinh ,
    Do your neighbours have cars ?
    They might have jumper leads or a small jump starter.
    Some service stations will have them too.

    If your battery was good, and you can get it charged up soon, then it might be still Ok.
    The longer that it is flat the more the battery will be damaged and may need to be replaced.

    Once you get it started, have a good long ride to a Repco / Autobahn / Supercheap store that would be able to test your battery.
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