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Kawasaki Ninja 250r (ex250j) 2009

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CruiseOrLoose, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Hey all

    Kawasaki Ninja 250r ex250j 2009, i have called a couple of dealers to ask them what they think they say very good bike but kawasaki make most of there money on selling parts so oviously the bikes are not very reliable :roll:

    So i didn't know exactly what that meant, share your opinions.

    Performance ? what do you think
    Comfortable ? what do you think
    Petrol ? what do you think

    Maybe if someone could compare it to another bike that is similar

  2. i can help by stating what has been said before many times on the internet.

    Performance: Slower than cbr250rr
    Comfortable: Upright
    Petrol: 20~22 L/km
  3. Ahhhhhhh, yea, asking dealers what they think of the bike wont really give you the most honest answers. :wink:

    Best to do a search in the New Rider forum, or in all the forums with keywords "ZZR250, GPX250, Ninja 250R", and you'll find lots of opinions.

    Also check out the American website "Ninja 250 Discussion Board" - google it. It'll have all the info you'd want on this bike and its predecessors.

    IMHO, save your cash and buy a 2nd hand ZZR/GPX/VTR for $3-5k, and spend the difference on quality gear and rider training.
  4. WOAH :LOL:
  5. Absolutely bulletproof engine. It hasnt changed much since previous models, because its a simple, reliable, does-the-job engine. Not sure why a dealer would give you that impression, unless its so he can screw you on the deal by saying there aint much money in the bike for them to bargain with.

    Performance: Its a 250. 0-100 will be quicker than most cars, but not much puff after that. As for which is the fastest 250: who cares; its still like winning the special olympics. And with the RVF400 out there, it becomes a moot point anyway. Handling is sweet, 09's got the better rubber (but I will still be looking at better again next pair).

    Comfortable: Yeh. Its more upright than most fully faired sportsbikes and its decent for tall people as well. Easy on the wrists although because of the posture there is still a fair bit of wind chop.

    Petrol: Im guessing you mean economy. 18L tank, and last tank I got 320km from a 13L fill up.

    Other similiar bikes are the Hyosung GT250R (dont talk about Hyosungs here, they have a bad rep) and the 20 year old CBR250RRs still getting around. Coming out soon is a Megelli 250R. If you can live with even less power there is the Honda CBR125R and the soon to be on the market Yamaha YZF-125
  6. Where the F#$k did you get that information from?
    My ZZR started having some Carbi problems at over 45,000k, but other than that it was bullet proof.
    Yes spare parts for Kwakas are expensive, but they are not an unreliable bike.
  7. I'm looking to get one of the older gpx's myself. Kwaka dealer I did some work with said that kawasakis are comeing out of the factory with a few problems these days. Case in piont brand new ZX10 had a few pinched wires and an oil leak when a buyer picked her up.

    This guy likes the new 250's though

    and apparently new fairings are comeing next year.

    Edit: small hijack, anybody know how easy/hard parts are to find for the gpx250 these days? don't care about fairings, hint hint :grin:
  8. I haven't had issue finding parts, then again I've not needed any major bits - just serviceable items like front discs, bearings, gaskets etc. The model has existed unchanged for over 20yrs - parts will be common.
  9. Well mine has been great and i haven't heard of one breaking yet, Kawasaki have sold a tonne of them.

    They aren't the fastest 250 out there but they aren't designed to be, they look awesome and ride well and are also easy to ride, the seating position is nice an upright and the bike handles well through the corners, there isn't anything that i can say it doesn't do well for what it's designed for. My fuel economy depends on how i ride but you should get 300+ k's from a tank. I just rode mine from canberra to the sunshine coast and it managed quite well. The seat is relatively hard but once again it isn't a touring bike, i have happily spent 1-2 hrs on the bike without pain.
  10. Cool. Anybody ever heard/tried different bars and/or pegs to give a more upright seat position? Something closer to a trailbike? If I get my hands on one I'm planning on rideing it as is for a while (to see if I can get used to the bars) then turning her into a rat fighter :D
  11. Shit happens, thats why warranties exist. Solid learner bike, one of the most popular by all reports but thats not going to make you happy come sell-sell time.
  12. My very, very bad. But i'm sure you can work out what i meant :p
  13. im 5'8" and the seating position is already very upright, i dont think you would need to do any mods to be happy with it.
  14. ?

    i was told they were the fastest 250, if not then what is ??
  15. the fastest 250 is the chondazaki 3 stroke

    man who cares... a ninja 250 is going to be way better to ride than a 4cyl 250 if your a city commuter and or fat

    the faster 250's you can not ride anymore on your L's
    NSR RGV etc...

    but they are always broken down anyway, there are some good CBR 250rr's and ZX2r's maybe somewhere, but why bother, a bigger capacity bike like a gs500 is much better to ride daily...

    but if you a teen poser then you need to head straight to the cbrs at sumoto, dont forget to pay top dollar for a million km bike though lol

    aside from the RGV NSR RS250 the fastest 250 i reckon in a drag would be a dirt bike isnt there a KTM 300 2t enduro road legal?

    at least you could wheelie at will, not like a 16000rpm clutch dump lol
  16. The learner legal cbr 250 is faster, a few of the 2 strokes were too, but they were banned...under the LAMS scheme theres faster bikes than even the cbr, like the rvf 400, the gsxf600, sv 650, etc.

    edit : oh , and my vtr 250 was faster up to about 80kph, easily, few bike lenghts in it, than my mates brand new ninja. Much nicer off the lights :p

  17. ok :?

    Is the ninja 250 a good weekend bike to take on a long ride like some coastal rides ??
  18. sure is man!

    buy what you like and feel comfortable with

    i ride a -10hp old style manual Vespa everywhere man, everywhere, everyday

    people think cos of that your not a real biker, where are they in the sleet and hail and fog @ 3am in total darkenss... nope only see them when its fine and sunny..

    anyway i've had more fun riding 250's and scoots around the mountains and countryside than any other bike, so far this year i've put 565km on my 1800cc Suzuki and 20,000+km on my scoots that i've had...

    mate a 250 ninja will be fine, sure up top your not going to drag off anyone doing 110km/h+ but it will do that speed allday long, sure not as easy as a bigger bike but dont worry about that cos it'll do it fine...

    i had a 250scoot and it sat on very high km/h all the way up the calder hwy and back like it was nothing passed everyone on the way, and im 120kg...

    thats like the weight of a whole Vietnamese family... up hill against wind can be a struggle, but the 250ninja has heaps more beans than a 250 Virago... i made the mistake once of buying a Vstar 250, lol... yet people have ridden Virago's around Aus and beyond...

    from my research the Ninja 250 is buggerall slower than a cbr250... yet without the awesome soundtrack, that wont be missed when you fill up less often ride further for longer and with less hassles and issues....
  19. That all depends on what you are looking for.
    If you are looking for the most comfortable option…
    If you are looking for the Absolute fastest option
    If you want a bit of column A and a bit of Column B.
    Then probably Yes
    But at the end of the day it is down to personal preference.
    If I were getting on a 250 and were willing to pay new, I would get the Ninja 250
    If not getting new the ZZR 250 (In fact that is what I had)
    If I am going for a LAMS option and going new I would probably go the SV (If we can get confirmation it can be derestricted later), If going second Hand I would go either the GSX650F or the RVF400 (If I could find one for a sane price)

    But that is my “personal†preference
  20. ?

    thanks for both imputs,

    when you guys say not that fast.

    is it still fast enough to overtake cars and get that extra hit when i want it and you know pop a trick every now and then.