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webBikeWorld Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, May 17, 2016.

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    A few weeks ago, in April (2016), I had the unfortunate circumstance of experiencing a lowside crash on my 2006 Triumph Sprint 1050.

    It was one of those instances where you just don’t anticipate the likelihood of a crash.

    I assume there is always the possibility of a crash of course, but in this case I was simply on my way home from work as I swung myself through the roundabout about a km away from the office.

    As I came around in the left-hand portion of the circle before straightening up to continue, I suddenly found myself closer to the ground than I expected.

    My rear tyre was on its edge before I knew it and it was slowly letting go.

    Slow enough in fact that I was thinking “Well I’m going to be on the ground in a moment”. And then I was.

    The Sprint slid about 30 or so feet (around 10 meters) and I slid maybe a quarter of that.

    The bike didn’t strike anything and most of the damage was cosmetic. In fact, I rode it home shortly after getting it back up on two wheels.

    My gear did its job beautifully and I was unhurt. I was a bit achy the next day in a couple of spots, but not even a bruise appeared.

    The bike was totalled, even though it was only cosmetic damage. Plastics and other sundry parts are expensive and on a ten-year-old motorcycle, the economics (and perhaps my laziness) meant that didn’t make much sense to fix it. Time for a new one...


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  2. Hi NetriderBot, I just bought a 2014 Ninja 1000 about a month ago. This is the fisrt real roadbike I have owned, athough I ride off road quite a bit. I was really suprised at how expensive the insurance (Comprehensive) is on this bike, about $700 for a 48 year old with NRMA. My mates Hyabusa is much cheaper.
    Very nice bike to commute on and to tour on too.
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  3. Great bike mate. Try Qbe, my 03 gsxr 1000 is $500 a year and I have a total of 90 demerit points on my record. I'm 44.
  4. If and when I ever part with my ZX9R, this is the bike I want... with the full touring options... unless I get sucked into the BMW vortex that seems to swirl around me these days... lol ...but I could probably never justify the cost of a BMW... so Ninja 1000SX is looking good. :)
  5. You could do much, much, much worse. It's a great bike that's extremely versatile
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