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Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS (Z100SX) pricing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PilgriM, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Damnnnn..

    Finally seen a few of this appearing on Bike Sales, $17500 is the cheapest there, sheesh I was hoping it would fall around the 15k mark..

    I think they have over priced this a little, similar price to the Triumph GT, but I think you get the panniers included on the Trumpy..

    Well I have another year to wait at the least before I can upgrade so here's hoping the price goes down a little & there are some good second hand ones available by then..
  2. Yeah that is too expensive, isn't the full faired bandit $15K as well.
  3. The faired Bandit seems to be around the 12k mark new, even the more touring orientated GSX1250FA is going for mid 13k.

    If they are trying to gain market share in the multi purpose sports/touring space, they are going to have to work hard to sell them when the competition is either better equipped as standard or around 4k cheaper..
  4. My mistake.

    Though its probably a superior bike to the Bandit in terms of motor. Still $17.5K will buy you a lot of different bikes.
  5. Just saw one on sale in Peter Steven's in the city for 16.5K..
  6. This may include charges such as stamp duty, dealer delivery and on-road costs, so I would be surprised to see them romping around at the $17k mark.

    I wouldn't be surprised if their showroom price is around $15~16k.

    And hey, no dissing the Bandits motor here... they're awesome bits of gear.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. Having a sports bike & a touring bike i thought the kawa ninja 1000 was a great combination of the two & as I'm semi retired I need to go back to 1 bike. However was dissapointed they left out a gear indicator & no centre stand & the new bandit has both & $2000 less
  8. Sounds like a pricing FAIL by the big Green.
  9. Yeah this bike is at the sporty end of the sport/touring category, whereas I think the Bandit is more in the middle ground, also the gsx1250fa is a good touring option, essentially a Bandit with bigger fairing..
  10. Anyone own one yet.... or at least had a decent ride on one??
    I'm very interested in this beast myself so welcome any opinions.....
    Lack of centrestand is a bit of a fail
  11. picked mine up tonight - still breaking it in but damn it's fun
  12. Do not know if your still interested in this bike, although cannot see why not. :) I have been looking at the same bike and prices have dropped, was quoted 15200 in the city for the naked with an extra 1000 for the tourer. In Mornington was quoted 15500 for the tourer, ride away no more to pay. :):):):):):):)
    Awesome bike and looking forward to getting one, also heard that there is a dealer in Epping that has a demo model.
    Cheers hope this helps.
  13. Im gonna test ride one next month :). Along with a Trumpy Sprint GT and a Honda VFR800.
  14. Would like to hear from you, now that you have had this for a while to see what you think.
  15. Keep us posted......... Honda was another choice of mine, but perhaps not upright enough, so it would appear. Was looking at the naked Z1000 but bars on Ninja more upright and the naked has no option for panniers etc.
  16. BMW F800st? I wanted one of these until I got on a Triumph (Heart over Head).

    I have a Trumpy Sprint...pre GT model...the GT gets better luggage...but loses the sexy exhaust.
  17. Will do :). Yeah luggage is a requirement for me (plan some longer rides).

    You mean the ST? Rather not have an underseat exhaust - apparently ok on the VFR but the ST suffers from hot ass? Is what ive read anyway...
  18. yeh ST...with the sexy underseat exhaust. My ass doesn't get hot, and my gf's informs her ass remains at the normal temp!
  19. obviously your doing something wrong.................
  20. Hi
    newbie to the site - so hi to all...

    I picked up my Ninja last Friday - black. No demo ride, had not even seen a black on in the flesh. The write ups had me sold - my last bike was a Triumph 675 Daytona. I wanted something for commuting as well as a 3 day / 1200 km ride with the boys twice a year.
    I have only been on one good ride so far - about 180 ks on a good mix of roads - down to 15 km/hr corners.
    I am being pretty careful with sticking to the recommended break-in procedure - keeping under 4k (roughly!) as long as I can. Doing this I returned 245 kms on the first tank before the fuel light came on. 13.5 litres to fill it up, this was pretty good economy so maybe I did not fill it up completely. Either way it should improve after break-in, so happy with that.
    My best description of the bike is 'neutral'. This sounds a bit bland, but it is all good.

    Riding position is very relaxed. Handling is free flowing and smooth. power is smooth and seems unlimited so far! on-off throttle is excellent for a FI bike - almost like you cannot tell it is not carbs. it feels like you could ride this bike on your L's. Gearbox varies from silky to notchy - not settled on an opinion yet.

    Having not ridden a demo - I am very happy.

    Pros - handling, power, comfort.
    Cons - seat not as good as it could be (I will drag out the old sheepskin for the 1200 km weekends), dash is pretty reflective (who needs a speedo anyway!).

    As all the write-ups have said - you will not be disappointed !