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Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS 2013

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  2. OK, a bit of history about this one..
    After owning a 2002 VFR for a year and having done pretty much everything to it I felt it was time for a move.
    I was looking for something comfortable, somehow upright and able to take the wife around and a bit of luggage.
    I was initially looking at road-oriented adventure bikes (mainly Triumph sport Tiger 1050, KTM SMT 990 and Ducati Hyperstrada). Took them all for a test a ride and liked them a lot but they were too tall/upright (maybe it was my personal feeling after having had only sports, tourers and naked bikes).
    But then I remembered about the Ninja 1000 and decided to give that a try an oh my...
    The position is just PERFECT for me, handlebars just in the right angle and distance, same about the legs.
    And what about the engine??? It's a beast for such a bike!
    It feels a lot lighter and nimble than it actually is although is not nearly as heavy as the viffer.
    As I decided I was buying brand new (didn't want to have to worry about thing getting old like on the VFR) I shopped around and got a pretty good ride away deal (a grand under Kawasaki's current deal) and also thew in some extras: Yoshimura slip-ons, Givi top case, gel seat and oggy knobs.

    Picked up the bike last Friday and only rode it home (20 kms) and then contemplated it for the rest of the weekend as I didn't have enough time to take it for a spin.
    Then yesterday I had the day off and rode it down to the RNP. Never had some much fun doing that run before! Even though it's still in the break-in period and didn't want to push too hard.
    The bike handles like nothing I've ridden before and the engine is just and endless spread of power and torque. You can put it in sixth gear and just worry about the throttle if you want, no hesitations no vibrations, just torque and speed.
    Brakes are really good (although I may change the pads to get a firmer bite) and suspension, even at stock setting, is great (will adjust sag soon).
    All in all, I'm over the moon with my new ride!
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  3. Excellent Dale, the bike looks awesome and it is the one I would love to upgrade to in March next year when I get my fulls. I have been shopping around non-stop for it since March this year ;)

    Very happy to read your positive review and especially since I was contemplating between the VFR800 and the Ninja 1000, but the Ninja had my preference for sure.

    I sat on the VFR800 and it felt a bit heavy for me and the seating position was just that much higher than my current seating position on the GS500F, so I am yet to sit on the Ninja 1000 and see how it feels.

    Which dealer did end-up getting your bike from?
  4. Sydney City Motorcycles Kogarah of all places.
    Never thought I'd buy a bike from them (previous experiences with their sales staff weren't good) but over the phone their salesman was nice and worked on the deal and the price was unbeatable.
    The VFR felt bigger, but not taller,, prety much the same seat height although the Ninja feels slimmer and the general posture is much more comfortable.
    BTW, my name is not "Dale", is Jorge, "Dale gas Marc!" Is spanish for "twist the throttle Marc!", showing my support for my fellow spaniard Marc Marquez, whom I've been following since he was 15 and telling everyone he'd be the next MotoGP superstar.
  5. Awesome bike, I've got the z1000. How's the low down instant power hey? Loving mine
  6. Sydney City Motorcycles in Kogarah are very close to me and I too didn't have a good experience with them when I was shopping for my first LAMS bike, so I decided to buy 2nd-hand instead.

    Sorry about the name mix-up Jorge, shows my complete ignorance when it comes to Spanish LOL :)