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Kawasaki = Mitsubishi?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by althasaur, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Hello all,
    I thought I posted this last night, perhaps I put it in the wrong section or it did not go far enough.. any way..

    I have been talking to my friends about getting a bike, namely a verys or a klr650, Both Kawasaki, or maybe even a hyo gt650 s tourer.

    The reaction I get makes me think of Mitsubishi for the Kawasaki, and Hyundai or Daewoo for the hyo.

    Does any one in particular here have and of these bikes or similar, and can provide me with feedback, that would be great.


  2. Hyosung are making big inroads into the market, and the R&D curve has been short and steep, with the consequence of some failures and warranty claims, plus some adverse road test results from people comparing them to similar capacity Japanese bikes. That said there are thousands of very happy owners out there, and quite a few here on the forum.
  3. Get whatever you think is right FOR YOU.
    It's YOUR bike and THEY are not the the ones paying for it or riding it.
    Bikes are an individual thing, you can't compare them to cars in any way IMO.
    Brand snobbery leaves me cold......
    If it's got 2 wheels, and makes you scream YEEEHAAA!! into your helmet, then it's a good bike....
  4. Hyosung is more like a Kia than a Hyundai I have both Hyundai and Kia cars and a Hyosung Bike (Currently blown up again) and I would be stoked if was as reliable as either of my cars.
  5. The comet 650 is $9000 +ORC to get it on road and dealer charges.
    So I "" guess"" $10,000 to ride away.?
    Looks like a good deal with the bags and screen added in on the deal ....BUT. the bags are only worth $200.
    See bikebiz Touring pack Special ..for the same bags and tank bag with and Bonus tyre repair kit =$200.

    So its not really a "big bonus" the free added extras on the HYO. :roll:

    Look at the "2006" FZ6S yamaha... same style of bike for $10,500 ride away... ring a few dealers and asks.
    Only $500 more.
    And the new models are on special.

    Also see the Brand new Suzuki GSX650F its the same style with will full fairing ,its out this week ,and with NO haggling yet I'm told its $11,200 ride away.

    It $1,200 more ,But easy to get it for $11,000 ride away.

    See pictures and also comes in black.

    Bet if you were buying a yamaha or suzuki , you wouldn't be asking IF THIS BIKE IS OK IM WORRIED !. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Is it worth the extra $500 or $1,200 ,to be riding along and only thing to worry about is what you will have for lunch ,Not I hope I make it to lunch.


    Good luck and try to ride them first ,before you buy.
  6. You can get GSX750F's for 10,000 ride away at the moment too. I'm considering one to replace my POS Hyo
  7. Oh I forgot to add ,Our latest Hyosung owner on this forum got a whole 400km before it broke down.

  8. what about the er6? cheaper than the versys with the same engine and if you don't need the extra suspension...
  9. They are one and the same.

    Hyundai bought Kia a few years ago.

    We have a Kia carnival and "touch wood" it's given us 75,000km of trouble free motoring.

    Sure it's plasticky but hey, the wife drives it and the kids mess it up, whats it matter :)
  10. I thought Ford owned them live and learn, anyway i have a lantra and a Carnival and the Carnival's is nowhere near the Lantra Build wise was my point.
  11. I had an 04 KLR 650

    Top bike, not as punchy as my Husky, but still fine for all roads and much more comfortable. 24 litre tank (only on post 04 models) soft long travel suspension soaks up the bumps, can sit on about 120kmh easily and take it along some pretty rough roads if you want it to.

    As you're looking at the Versys, I guess you got a bit more cash, so would probably go for this over the KLR - I'v also ridden the new KLR and IMHO only minor improvements.
  12. What's wrong with Mitsubishi ? I don't get it.

    Anyway, I agree with other posters GET WHAT YOU WANT. Not what you think your freinds think looks good or whatever. It's your hard earned cash.
    The paralell twin of the Kwaka is sweet. I've ridden the ER6n and loved it. (The ER6n is priced very well too.) Same engine as the Verseys apparantly. Personally I like the styling of the Verseys, but I ride a V-Strom and like that riding position.

    Personally I would consider both re-sale and servicing costs as well. ANY Japanese manufacturer will be better on both counts than Hyosung (Not to mention reliability)....come on now Hyo owners....flame me !!!
  13. I'm looking for a good 2nd hand KLE500 (rather than klr650) and I work for Mitsubishi - if that helps.

    I want a bike that is good on the black stuff, but able to get me out to the more remote areas if need-be. I don't want a single.

    Go Kawasaki - I can't see much from the other dudes that gets my juices going....
  14. Nothing is wrong, I had one and it was good while it lasted... magna vr (from memory.. first of the angular shapes)
    That is the main reason why I am so surprised by some of the reactions...

    At the motor show, I sat on the Zongshen bikes, and even the diferrence between these bikes and the hyosung's build wise was surprising.

    stands back and watches
  15. Kawasaki = Jaguar. All about the engineering and ruggedness.
    Hyosung = Fiat.................

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Kawasaki is like nothing Jaguar. Jag has been junk for decades.

    Kawasaki is still renowned for extra quality from a smaller manufacturer?

    Fiat make sporty stuff which handles and goes but can raise questions of reliability. European design quality far exceeds Asian - no comparison at all.

    Funny how image works... ;-)


    Trevor G
  17. [​IMG]

    i like the color of this

    [edit] photo bucket is not resizing it at all.. :( [/edit]
  18. Love that comment.. Absolute gold.. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. looks even better with a little black screen.
  20. Purchased my Hyo 650r in January 07. 2500kms later, changed a battery only. Can't complain to be honest, it's quite good to ride. There have been extensive discussions on hyo's elswhere on the forums both positive and negative but if you can get a ride on one that would then you can decide for your self. The 650S tourer as well as the throw over bags has heated hand grips which is pretty good for the price IMHO [​IMG][/url]