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Kawasaki Mechanic

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by zxparker, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just a question as to where to take my new ZX6 for warranty servicing? I want to build a good relationship with a new mechanic and dont mind travelling. I work in the city but I dont like the guys on Elizabeth St, they dont seem to know what the hell they are talking about... Someone represented Brighton, any comments?

  2. I take mine to 1300 kawasaki in ringwood but I know some of the kawa nuts have some issues with them

    ask at

  3. Hey ZX! I work in the shop in Elizabeth St, both the mechanic in there and I have been building championship winning superbikes for over 20 years each! The mechanic built and maintained the bikes that both Kevin Curtain and Troy Bayliss won their Australian Championships on!

    I agree the owners are a little over running a business, you would be too if you saw the simple retards that come into the shop in the city.

    I tell you, you will never find the knowledge to match what is in our shop any where else in the country.

    It pays to do your homework before one shoots their mouth off on a public forum.
  4. Johnny if the owners are over running the business why don't they get out and sell it to someone that cares ? Perhaps it is this attitude that rubs off onto the customer and brings the negative feedback. It's about time bike shops woke up and learned about customer service and not just rely on 20+ years in the industry. And remember those simple retards are a head and every head in the door is a potential sale and the best advertising you have got.
  5. It's happening dude, new owners may be here soon.

    No I mean retards that don't ride, I treat all motorcyclist with as much friendship and help as I can muster.
  6. Just coz someone wants to pay for a shop does not mean that they will do a better job..... better the devil you know sometimes?

    The original thread was saying that we "didn't know what the hell we were talking about" well I doubt there are any other shops that know as much.

    We've all touched on this customer service subject too many times, I'm tired :cry: Someone put their money where their mouth is and we'll see what they can do.
  7. Man, I work on customers bikes out in the street in what little lunch break I get and call to their places after work to help them, at no cost, give me a break.
  8. Actually the OP said "dont seem to know what the hell they are talking about" meaning that is the impression the OP got from them.
    If that's the impression the public are getting then perhaps Cosways needs to advertise the fact that their mechanics are immensely knowledgeable and the fact that they have built championship winning race bikes. I know if I was paying for mechanics of that standard you could be damn sure everyone who came anywhere near my workshop would know about them.

    This is one of those posts where a shop has an opportunity to take something on board and make a positive change for their own benefit.
  9. Just posted so you guy's don't 'seem' to get the wrong idea :wink:
  10. I don't know I'd go as far as say they don't know what they are talking about, not to say that they do, but what I will say is that the owners do have this, well, six fingered weird feel about them. When I owned Kawasaki’s I'd only go in there if I was desperate.

    Ken Nixon used own Brighton Kawasaki and ran one of the best dealerships in Melbourne but as since sold and I can't offer the same endorsement to the new owner. In fact I can't recommend any Kawasaki dealership in Melbourne. If I was you I'd view the maintenance of the bike on a self support basis and hope like hell that you don't have any warranty issues. Shop online for as many parts as you can.

    Kawasaki makes great bikes but the lack of after sales service and support is why I didn't buy another Kawasaki when I bought a new bike last week.

    The worst thing Kawasaki did was to sever its ties with Peter Stevens because at least Peter Stevens offered good customer service.
  11. Give Pete a try at www.melbournemotorcyclerepairs.com.au

    I got onto him through a good friend and since then he has serviced my other halfs GSXR-600 and my Superduke since new...he's qualified, a perfectionist and very reasonably priced too. He stamps your log book too so you have a full service history...no disrespect to any other bike mechanics out there but I wouldn't let anybody else work on my bikes..been to others and got burnt finally found somebody who I trust so I will stick with him.

  12. Guys, thanks for all the help, and Johnny no harm intended dude... As you say this is a public forum and I was just voicing an opinion... When I have been in there I have had conversations with whoever the lady is that works there and she leaves me a long way from wanting to come back.

    The other guys in the shop seem to be a lot better though you still get that impression that they dont like working for who they work for.

    I will say sorry for any impression that I have left on any of the guys at the store that I have offended with my blanket statement as I am sure that not all the guys are the same as the few that I find a little hard to deal with.

    Anyway, given the information that you have provided I will definitely consider the city store for the needs that I am after. I am sure that you understand that when you walk into a store to ask questions about servicing your brand new pride and joy and you are presented with a lady that A) doesnt seem to care about what I am asking, and 8) doesnt seem to know what she is talking about, it would be hard to make the decision to take the bike there for servicing.
  13. I know what you are saying dude, no worries, things will change soon :)
  14. can i just say that if cosways had the only bucket of water in the world and my arse was on fire.....id let it burn....i found the lady in there to be rude,obnoxiuos and makes customers feel they are a burden to her by making her get up off the chair to go to the spares section.....not to mention cheech and chong (altho i have been told that he is not there anymore) sorry john you seen to have a great attitude but i feel its wasted in that store...
  15. :rofl:
    I'm sitting here trying to think of a dealership that's worse. It's like when you walk into the shop it has this eerie, still, psychotic sort of silence about it.
  16. Ballarat Motorcycle centre, also a Kwaka dealer by coincidence.
  17. You have to get to know the people you want to deal with..

    I go to Race Replica, people can them flat out, but Ben in the workshop and Chloe in accessories are spot on and look after me fine, thats cause i took time to get to know them.. I also got to know the owner Kris and the guy who sold me the bike Steve as well. When i go there its like we are old mates, cause i got to know them, and let them get to know me..

    Customer service isnt a one way effort. I am over the customers who have an attitude that walk in to my shop and expect us to be all friendly and give them a great deal. Its all about building a relationship.

    Next time you go to Cosways, grab Johnny tell him who you are and get him to introduce you to the workshop staff.. The rest of the stuff i am sure Johnny will help you out.

    But i do agree with you all about the woman there, hmmm maybe you should hide her somewhere Johnny.. :LOL:
  18. Thanks for your feed-back guys, while the owners have a short-temper sometimes, as you say Blue14, you need to build a relationship with the shop, the woman that does spares 'Virginia', considering she doesn't ride, she knows quite a lot about spares parts, she has been doing it for over 20 years, if you take the time to get to know her, you will find she is very genuine and will give over and above what would normally be required.

    I have been selling quite a few bikes lately, many customers tell me that they would rather pay more for the bike from me than go to other shops. We have many regular customers that wouldn't go anywhere else, so it seems some customers get the service that they like.
  19. Ballarat M/c's are not Kawa dealers, they used to be when they were called RPM M/c's. I'm surprised you say that about those guys, John, Dave and James I think their names are, they have been great everytime I have been in there..... there you go.
  20. There's just a strange 'aura' about the place. I was there yesterday and it's still got Kawasaki plastered all over the place, but as usual, not a new Kawasaki in sight, but that was no different when they were RPM.
    Ballarat is a strange place for bike shops, no Kwaka dealer as you say, and there's an ad in AMCN seeking expressions of interest for a Suzuki dealership (also in Geelong). Such big towns and nobody willing to have a go, particularly Geelong and Suzuki not ending up at PS? I wonder if Suzuki are scared to put all their eggs in one basket so to speak and have PS start to dictate how they do business? I reckon a Suzi dealer in either of those towns would kick #ss.

    I'm also surprised no Suzuki car dealerships take on the bikes as well? Infrastructure already in place, marketing half done, just need some service specific equipment and staff and run with it........