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Kawasaki klx250s vs Suzuki dr-z250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rissile86, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Kawasaki klx250s

  2. Suzuki dr-z250

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  1. I've finally narrowed my decision down to these two bikes. So far I have came up with the following pro's and cons of each.


    - newer tech
    - better suspension
    - lots of mods
    - digital dash, looks cool
    - looks better

    - heavier
    - newer tech meaning
    - not as simple to maintain
    - small fuel tank


    - Lighter
    - Bigger Fuel Tank
    - Kick Start
    - Easy to Maintain

    - Don't like the look as much
    - Not much aftermarket stuff

    Does anyone have any personal experience with any of these two bikes? Which one would you choose?

  2. No I am not much of a Farm bike fan (Though I can see the merit) but the first thing I am left thinking is what do you want to do with it?
    Is this for
    Tarding it up?
    For dirt?
    For hardcore MX fun???

    I can see the answer to this question effecting the answer to your question
  3. Mostly using it for dirt, adventure rides into the bush/forest and yes thrashing it around the local MX track if i can. Obviously not doing major jumps etc. I will also be using it to commute to work which aint that far.
  4. cmon people, any personal experiences on either bikes will be greatly appreciated.
  5. ok, i guess i will test ride them as i have no idea which one to get. Next Monday will be the day i buy one so any info till then will be great. There isn't much info on the net comparing these two.
  6. Mate of mine up in QLD just got himself a kls250 and loves it. He rides mainly on dirt tracks and every now and then on track and it does the job for him, very happy.

    He always has trouble getting his helmet off because his ear to ear grin hahahah