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Kawasaki KLE500

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by twistngo, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Hi. Does anyone know much about these? I've seen a few OS reviews on the web but nothing from AUS.

  2. Munecito has just bought one and loves it.

    He will no doubt find this question and rave on!

    Search is profile/postings to contact him etc.

  3. As Jeff said. I bought one of those bikes and absolutely love it.

    It is the smaller of the medium dual purpose bikes. But don´t be fooled by the 500cc engine as it is very capable and makes more power than the Nx650 that I used to have.

    Being twin cilinder is much more quieter than the thumpers and smoother to deliver the power. It is also very nice on highways because of the 6 speed gearbox. The engine is the same that Kawasaki used for years in the Er5. And aparently those are the bikes the postal service uses in the UK.

    Water cooled is another of the pro´s as the engine keeps a more constant temperature even when sitting in traffic and that increases the life of it.

    The seating position is confortable, upright but the rider´s legs are a bit more bent than in other dual sports. I´m 178cm and can reach the floor with flat feet. On the domi I reached only with the ball of my feet. At the beggining I found the bike to be wider than the dominator but you get use to it really quickly.

    It is also cheap when compared to the rest of the DP. The suspention is really good, the fork has air valves as many of the cross bikes used to have years ago. It allows you to stiff up the suspension if needed.

    The tyres are 21" at the front and 19" at the back. That gives you a decent performance on the street and I suspect it should work nicely off the road (haven´t taken her off road yet).

    The brakes are just OK, they could be better but on the other hand this is not the kind of bike to be speeding, even if you want the maximun speed as for spec sheet is about 170-175 Kmh.

    The lights are awesome, and the design of the bike is wonderful. It looks mean and keen, just as a dual purpose should be.

    Now the cons are:

    - Almost unexistent cargo area, easily sorted using a backpack, a top box, paniers or similar.

    - No variety in the colors, they only sell blue ones in Australia. I have seen pictures of a grey with orange details one and it looks shit hot.

    - The sidestand keeps the bike in a too upright position so you have to be careful when you park on an unlevel surface.

    - No clock. I don´t know why the manufacturers don´t include this as standard in every new bike.

    - The footpegs are freaking long and huuuge. So they use to play with my pants legs and sometimes are on the way when you are lifting the feet of the floor after being stationary.

    Other than that I am really happy with my bike. It is gutsy enough but still economical (close to 310Km out of 15 litres of fuel, a lot when compared with the 195Km on the dominator).

    If I was in the market for a bike tomorrow, would I buy another KLE?




  4. Top write up Munecito - hope to see ya Sunday and change the above :cool:

    What do you want the bike for? I looked into getting a KLE but went the KLR.

    KLE does many things well, six speed box great for highway and twin 500 also unique. Also priced well compared to say a Strom - which is much more road biased with the 19" front wheel.
  5. I told you he would rave on about it :inquisition: :rofl:
  6. Hey Jeff.

    I have to protest [​IMG] I wasn´t raving, I was telling the truth.


  7. I'll be off restrictions later in the year and was wondering what to move up to. I don't communte on a bike so its for weekends and if it ever rains again I'll be fishing up in the hills so I'm after a bike version of my old subaru wagon that can get me there relatively quickly and comfortably and be manageable on gravel roads. Vstrom is tempting but this looked interesting.
  8. V-strom is more road biased as Toecutter said.

    If you are after something more off road able in the dual sports category I wouldn't go past the KLE or the Transalp. If you think you can handle the vibration of the thumpers I would say KTM adventure or KLR. Not a big fan of the DR Suzuki but that is another option.

    I ordered a touring screen for the KLE from eagle screens and it was $152 delivered. That will improve the confort on highways and keep the cold air off me when riding on winter nights. I'll post some pictures when I get and fit the screen.

    I also fitted a GIVI 45lts top box to fix the lack of cargo area. I'm not a huge fan of the top box look but I can say that it is much more comfortable to carry my work clothes, food and other stuff in the topbox than in a backpack. It also keeps my back free to carry around one of those camel backs. I'll take some pictures maybe tomorrow. The good thing with the givi topbox is that I only need to press a button to detach the box from the bike if I don't want to carry it around.

    Are you planning to buy new or second hand?

  9. it sounds good. I'll be buying new. my less practical side is holding out for a moto guzzi breva but it won't be much good in the dirt.
  10. If buying new the KLE is better as you will be saving between 2.5 to 3K. The money is better in your pocket than sitting in the garage.

    Now you only need to wait to get out of restrictions and go and try the DPs!!!!

  11. Here are the pictures of the bike now with the topbox.

    I can´t really tell you how good is to have a place to put everything other than in a backpack.

    Tomorrow I may replace the handlebar for the renthal bar. And I will receive the touring screen during the week too.




  12. That looks awfully similar to the front end on the Z750.. :-k

    Might be the go if I cock something up really badly and need a new headlight assembly.. :cool:
  13. This is from the Kawasaki website regarding the design of the front end on the KLE:

  14. Hey Will,

    It's no use concealing your plates.

    I.............know............where..............you ...................live :demon:


    How good would ya bike look with gold rims!!

  15. I received the touring screen today.

    I fitted it at work and rode home. Can´t explain how different and more confortable the ride was.

    I got it from eagle screens in WA, great service, great comunication., quick delivery and I like the screen.


  16. Had my KLE500 for 18 months/16,000km and thought it worth sharing some experiences.

    Front brake pads only lasted 4,500km. Wouldn't have made it to the 1st service! The (non-OE) replacements are only 1/2 worn after another 12k so it's not my riding. I also rode the bike according to running-in instructions so nice a slowwwww. If you have a newish KLE then check the front pads.

    Added a Staintune exhaust which has improved it beyond recognition. Better sound (not so asthmatic) and tractability.

    (Original) front tyre has a strange wear pattern. Alternate raised parts of the tread (from the tyre centre) are worn more than others. This alternates side to side and all the way around the tyre. Bike has never been crashed, dropped or taken off road. Front is about 1/2 worn, rear 3/4.

    It is my first bike after 15 years and all in all I'm very happy with it - great value for money
  17. Bargain hard as these bike are in run-out mode. The new bike is based on the 650 engine which is lighter, more compact and more powerful.
  18. Isn't that the new KLR - single 650??

    I'd love to see a Kwaka twin 650, six speed box and 21" front wheel?
  19. Welcome

    I've seen another KLR (sure it wasn't Munecito's) riding thorugh Brookvale around 8.30am

    And hope you get the KLE off-road soon, they look to be a great bike to do some all roads touring.

    Cheers Alex
  20. Nope its the versys I belive