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News Kawasaki is Bringing out a Grom Competitor, Except They Already Have One

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Oct 21, 2015.

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    Pictures taken from a showroom in Thailand seem to indicate that Kawasaki is set to release what is being called the Kawasaki Z125 – a monkey bike sized naked motorcycle that appears to be squarely aimed at Honda’s cute little Grom. That’s exciting for many, but Kawasaki has actually been making a Grom like bike for many years – even before the Honda Grom existed.

    The Kawasaki Z125, a Honda Grom sized machine. But will it make it to western markets?

    Called the Kawasaki KSR110, it’s effectively a miniaturised supermoto. It first came out in 2012 in Thailand and has since been exported to other South East Asian countries including Malaysia and Vietnam. Anyone who has been to these countries will have encountered them many times. The KSR Pro is the machine that would have been most likely sent to western markets with its four speed manual box as opposed to an automatic for the rest of the range.

    So despite all the Grom love and comparisons to it with this new leaked photo, Kawasaki is actually already there. So will this new Z 125 make it to western shores? Given that Kawasaki have shown no interest in sending the KSR110 our way, perhaps not. While the Grom is a fantastic bike, it is a very low margin machine – a difficult prospect to convince many corporations of taking a risk on given the market in many countries is till recovering from the GFC.

    Kawasaki has been making a mini-supermoto since 2012, the KSR110.

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