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Kawasaki green

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pringa8, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. I know this is going to cause some minor contraversy (friendly banter level) but when the hell is Kawasaki going to ditch the 80s green????? MOVE ON!

  2. Ditch the Kawasaki Green??????

    You must be nuts...
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! :LOL:

    I can't fooken handle it!!!
  4. Ah, young'ns, no sense of history.......

    Just like retaining our wonderful flag while ever there are people for whom it means something, so Kawasaki are unlikely to abandon the green while ever there are people who remember Gregg Hansford, and Yvon Du Hamel, and Godier & Genoud and Kork Ballington and Tony Mang, and the list goes on.

    Would you want Ferrari to abandon red??
  5. my dad says kawasaki green is the best colour in the world for motorcycles.
  6. I know I know, but can't we just blend it in a little with some other colours?? I'm looking at this purely from a design perspective! :grin:
  7. I like the idea, but lime green isn't exactly a neutral tone that blends in well with others, is it? .... :LOL:

    Funny thing is, however, that it looked great on the racing bikes in 1974 and it still looks good on the road bikes, of totally different design, 22 years later......
  8. i like kawasaki green. from a design perspective, I work with colours and it's a great and marketable colour. It's Kawasaki green. Not just green. Even people that don't ride bikes know what it is. Pick up a street machine magazine you get examples of....

    Engine: Chev 350ci
    Wheels: Convo pros 15x 6fr 15 x 10r
    Colour: Kawasaki green

    Can of worms dude... I want a ZX6R when off restrictions. In GREEN. DESPITE HOW MUCH THE MISSUS HATES IT HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

    wait maybe that's why i like kawasaki green....
  9. ha ha ha ha, my bro got a 88 Gixxer in kawasaki green, just to piss everyone off!!!
  11. Still waiting on the wallet :p
  12. Kawasakis are my favourite bikes...green is my most unfavourite colour. :?
  13. I'm havin an ongoing argument at work over the missappropriation of terms to describe colours. to me green is green. to others i'm sure it would be kawasaki chartruese. :LOL::LOL:
  14. +1 GG.

    ...though my first bike was a 2000 GPX250 in Kwaka green...
  15. He's a wise, wise man your dad. :grin:

    Every chance my next bike will be Kawasaki Green, if only they'd get rid of that undertail exhaust that I don't like :evil:

    Very few companies have been able to label a colour their own, Kawasaki Green, Ferrari Red, Ford Blue.
  16. What do you know about good taste...you own a suzuki ... :LOL: and forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't their colour, chicken yellow?
  17. If i could get the zx12r in kawasaki green i would :grin:
    Dam will have to say with the black and gold :p
  18. The black green white shoes look alright, thinking I might have to order a pair of them.
    green kwackers look ok but if I bought one new, I wouldnt pick that clolor but if I found a good second hand bike in that colour that had the ks, $, condition on the bike that I was looking for, I would buy it.