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Kawasaki GPZ250R...questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LCGTR1970, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Ive just signed up and have posted up in the greetings section, so now I have my first official post...
    I am looking at getting a first bike that I can bang around on while im on my [L] plates. I got told that I can pick up a Kawasaki GPZ250R for pretty cheap. Its ready for rego and looks pretty neat. Before I do anything though, I just wanna find out a few things...
    -Is it an import...and does that really matter?
    -What should I look out for mechanically? Any known issues with them?
    -How are they in terms of reliability...especially with 43,000km on the clock?
    -Are parts expensive for them?
    -Overall whats everyones comments on these bikes?
    Thanks guys

  2. anyone have any ideas??
  3. Are you sure that it is not a GPX250?
  4. no its definately a gpz250r. its an 86 model. there are similarities between the two but its not a gpx
  5. heres a pic
  6. and another
  7. Have a look at it's VIN / Chassis number - if it starts with EX250 (it should) then it's the same as the GPX/ZZR 250.

    The '86 model (EX250E) was not sold in Australia but was in USA & Canada.

    Shouldn't have any problems getting parts or servicing. That motor has been around for years and is pretty much the same as in the Ninja 250 now. You may find that most GPX/ZZR 250 parts might fit too.

    Looks good - very nice actually :)
  8. Agree though not all parts may fit it. If you are getting it for under $2k its probably worth it otherwise an official import is probably a safer bet

    Regarding what to look for I would just look for all the normal issues- bearings, chain and sprockets, pads, strange noises in the engine other wear items etc.
  9. thanks guys for the responses.
    well i managed to pick it up for $500. it runs pretty well...probably needs a service as its a little fuelly smelling and idles roughish, but pretty good considering it hasnt been ridden in about 5months.
    im going to get a full service done on it before rego to make sure its all good before it gets ridden any distance.
    pretty pum[ped to get it regoed and ride around on it....just hope all goes well and no major dramas pop up.
  10. well done - it does look great and $500 is a good place to start at for a first bike.

    Good luck with it all - I'm sure you'll have a blast on it :)