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Kawasaki Gpz1000RX

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonyE, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. OK,
    my brother-in-law has a Gpz1000RX for sale (cheap) He's bought a Triumph Sprint. My financial advisor tells me I should consider buying it from him. Even if he is her brother I'm inclined to agree :LOL:

    It means the Spada is on the market now... (unless I can continue to get away with not selling it) :wink:

    Does anyone have much info about them(Gpz1000RXs that is - I already know about Spadas) . The price is extremely good and the condition seems OK - except that I'll have to bring it over from SA and replace the rear shocks.

    I'm not sure what mileage but since John (the B-inlaw) is an ex racer and a very competent mechanic I'm prepared to believe him about engine condition.

    All I can find on the web are very basic specs. I would like to know if anyone has first hand knowledge of them... Performance, handling etc. etc.

    (and no - the BMW is definitely staying)
  2. You could always ask around on some of the Kawasaki forums.
  3. I'm hoping for an objective opinion

    not necessarily a religious one :LOL: :LOL:
  4. When release they were the fastest thing on the road. They basically morphed into the ZZR1100 (which was also the fastest thing on the road)

    So expect a seriously quick bike.

    Their based on Kwaka'a tried and tru Liquid-cooled DOHC inline 4. This engine has been around since basically the dawn of time. Its a damn good engine.

    Its a damn heavy bike. So be careful.

    They are a very solid old bike. You wont go far wrong.

    Just check for the obvious stuff. Fork seal, smoke, oil leaks etc.
  5. Argh the memories........... :shock:

    I had one of those beasties when they first came out :grin:

    They are a fun bike, they dropped the 16" wheels for good reason. Would get a little light in the front at times. This bike gave me the understanding of why steering dampners are put on bikes.

    The motor is typical Kawi. It goes hard. The induction noise at the 4 grand mark is an awsome hoon noise that only the rider gets too enjoy :wink:

    It was a comfy bike and the motor was responsive. The rear brake worked :shock: it was not just cosmetics.

    The bike was easy to maintain etc. It was a good fun bike for the time. It turned out to be not a popular model and was replaced a few years later with another model that too tended to flounder a little.

    The bike tracked well.............I think if you like the look of it (I did :wink: ) I think you will enjoy it :grin:

    There were no real bad things that stick out from memory that I disliked about the bike.

    Cheers :cool:
  6. You're talking to a former K100RT owner here... :LOL: :LOL:

    That sounds good. Since the brother in law hasn't stacked it yet (He lives in the Adelaide Hills and it was his re-entry into riding after 10 years away) then the handling must be OK. I would suspect not a quick handling bike but pretty stable.

    The shocks are sagging a bit - and after John's riding the forks may need a little work as well. (He's built a bit like Shane but taller :LOL: ).

    The engine sounds good and everything else looks in order. I've seen it and heard it running but I haven't had a chance to ride it yet though...

  7. Well if you want an opinion from some people that have actually riden these bikes GO TO ksrc.au.com or take opinions from people that havent or listen to hear say.Yes kwaka people are just that loyal :grin: but i am sure that the guys on ksrc will give you correct and real advise
  8. front brakes could heat and go lame in fast going .... mainly due to the weight .... and the antidive sometimes gave issues too .... pretty bullet proof and awsomely fast in their time ... be aware that rear shock will cost you about a k to replace if you cant get that one rebuilt .. i wouldnt have a clue who would do them now .. oh dont know about rubber now ... but tyres of the era chewed out really fast on them beasts too
  9. Just had a look at the weight 248kg.......DAMN cant remember it being that heavy :shock:

    As cats said about the Anti-Dive. I played around with it when new and buggered if I could notice differences between the serttings. Till this day i will swear teh anti dive was pure cosmetics same as the 900R

    Also put a little heavier fork oil in the forks (think 10 was OEM and I put 15) and it tends to stiffen the front nicely.

    Cheers :cool:
  10. Or people who have owned them :wink:

    Mel ya one-eyed kawi man :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
  11. Thanks people,
    I'll pop a question in the Kawasaki forums but what I'm hearing sounds good - especially since it's going for less than half of what the Sapda should bring :LOL:

    Weight isn't a problem after an underbraked 246kg K series :wink:

    Unless it turns out that there's any expensive problems I'll probably make him an offer. I'll get a quote on the shock rebuild (I'm told about $350) and see what the front end is like...

    Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have it over here...

  12. Yep great bikes in their day...a classic!

    wonder if a ZX10R front end would fit?

  13. Hi I just stumbled upon this site. I have a GPZ1000RX Black model for sale if you are interested. It is in good solid condition. Not mollested in any way. All original. I live in Tassie.
    Needs no attention. I am a mature rider and have little time with young kids on the go, so she has to go.
    cheers Rod
  14. My GPZ1000RX is very good for its age.
    I had some trouble with the carbs. A full clean and rebuild later and no probs. However the intake plastics tend to shrink and go hard thus ill fit. I managed to massage some life back into them and added some extra hose clamps for a tight fit. Steer clear of sports breathes for these bikes, tuning will become a nightmare.
    Keep them standard and no worries.
    A good cheap big bore sports tourer. I had a ZZR 1100 before and sure it was a better ride but cost more too. I needed some cash so I stepped back a few model.
    In a couple of years it will be elligible for half price rego CLASSIC status and all that.
  15. Er, you're replying to a thread dating back to 2006 - I doubt they're still looking for a bike still.