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Kawasaki GPz 550 - bike tip, petrol leak, won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by slygrog, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    My bike was knocked off its center stand somehow today (after I dropped it yesterday, ffs) and it leaked petrol out of the ..petrol hole. It fell over on a slight incline, so I assume that's why it leaked.

    Anyway, I picked it up and turned it on to see if it would start. It hadn't been warmed up today so I pulled out the choke etc, and it did start, but even with the choke out to high idle it sounded like it was going to stall. I held the throttle open for a while, then closed it to let it run. Opened it for a while, closed it to let it run. Then went to do the same thing again and it revved REALLY high, really fast, despite the fact the throttle was not open anywhere NEAR that much, so I kill switched it in a panic.

    Five minutes later, I tried to turn it on again and it won't turn over. Still makes the starter button whiney noise, but doesn't become an engine rumble.

    I'm wondering if it is just a petrol issue, but I don't want to do much more n00b exploring because I'm concerned I've already destroyed it completely as it is!
  2. Not uncommon for a bike that has been down to play up for a minute or two on restarting. Sometimes they flood, sometimes they lose fuel from the carby bowls and they need to refill.

    First. Did you turn the kiss switch off again? Some bikes won't turn over with the kill switch on but others will - they just won''t start. Sorry I don't know which yours is.

    Depending on whether or not the bike was cold or hot when knocked over ( you didn't say) it may not have wanted choke and this may have caused it to run rough.

    Presumably by now it is cold so just try to go through the normal cold start up - what ever you normally do. Remember also if it hasn't started you may be draining the battery trying and this in itself could make starting difficult. So if you have access to a charger if it doesn't start after a reasonable try, put it on charge
  3. Phew! It works. Guess it just needed to sit for awhile. Thanks for calm response. Sort of wish I could delete this panic thread. :D
  4. Damn I meant kill switch not kiss switch.

    I wish my bikes had a kiss switch.