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Kawasaki GPz 550 '83

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by slygrog, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I have been tormenting the wise people of this board for two weeks now, and so I wanted to offer some sort of resolution.

    I bought the GPz 550 as my first bike. The guy who transported and inspected it (Mark at Sydney Motorbike Network--can't recommend him highly enough for competitive prices, service and brain power) was surprised at its good nick and said, though he can't be certain, the state of the bike seems to back up the low KMs on the clock. So it looks like I got a good'un. The only so-so bit is the tank, which has lots of missing paint and a bit of surface rust. I will look into replacing or repainting it, depending on which is most worthwhile.

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  2. See: Tank!

    Regardless, I love it. I'm still trying to figure out the cold start procedure, and I can't ride it for two weeks, but it sounds so awesome and it is so comfortable and I love it. :D :D

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  3. Oh PS, I don't know why I included that sideways gauge image. I think I just like having a fuel gauge.
  4. I had a Z500 from new once, magic motor but I had a problem with incompatible tyres which rather deflated (groan) my confidence.
  5. These are great bikes, same engines as the KZ/Z aircooled bikes. parts are plentiful, even new and they ride quite well too.
    make sure you get the valve clearances checked at some stage, they do have a tendency to close up when hot and can cause all sorts of hot running issues on higher mileage bikes.
    Reproduction tank stickers are available and the tank won't cost much to get resprayed, maybe $250.
  6. nice, I love that LED fuel gauge and idiot lights, very fancy!
  7. Tank shouldn't be too hard to sort out.

    Don't trust the fuel gauge.

    And, for once, I agree with typhoon.

    Keep it nice and it may become a classic one day.
  8. 250 isn't bad at all. And thanks for the heads up, Pat, otherwise I would have automatically believed what the fuel gauge was telling me!

    I may ask this elsewhere, as it's kind of the wrong forum, but this bike came with a good condition GPz 750 cowl fairing as part of the included spares. When the seller handed it over to me he also gave me the details of someone who wants to buy it.

    The seller reckons the fairing should go for "a few hundred", the buyer reckons it should go for "about one hundred", I just wondered if anyone else had an opinion.
  9. thats a pretty looking bike

    well done on the find!
  10. Put it on Ebay and let him bid what he thinks it's worth against what others think it's worth and let the principle of the free market sort it out.
  11. a neighbour gas the 750 version and I have to say it's grown on me. Sounds nice too.