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Kawasaki GPXR 2

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mainstage, May 3, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for my first bike and researching. I came across a GPXR2 . which I think is an import . the guy is saying that the LOI certificate ran out , Question what's an LOI certificate ?

    Thankyou to all the people posting on here,, over the past 4 weeks I am getting so much information your knowledge and experience is invaluable. its so good I joined up cheers.

  2. Never heard of it? :S GPX250 you mean? No point buying an imported gpx since they're sold here for cheap as anyway.

    Never heard of LOI cert either, but I'm not from vic.
  3. GPX 250

    Yes . GPX 250 it was on ebay .but never heard LOI certificate myself , thank for the reply,
  4. The GPX250-II was the japan model in the early 90's.
    All that is different is that it has double disks on the front, and a slightly modified dash with the instruments in different positions. It also has a light which lights up if you go over 50mph, It was some random Japanese law or something.

    All in all, hardly any difference. While it has double disks they are smaller by memory. No idea what that cert was.
  5. GPX250

    Thanks etelmo'' good info cheers :grin:
  6. Ah come to think of it I've seen some of what you describe - 2 front discs at the front. At the time I thought someone had just loved their gpx enough to upgrade the brakes :) Other than that looked mostly the same but didn't inspect closely.