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Kawasaki GPX250R?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kallen, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Recently a GPX250R has popped up for sale in my local area, I have had a quick read on the forum and seems that most people believe they are a reasonable bike for a learner.

    Its a 05' model, from the sale ad it looks to be in reasonable condition with a slight crack in the front mudguard and has just under 45,000kms.

    At this age and kilometers and I know that it depends on the life that it has had. But are they a reliable bike? Do parts tend to need replacing and/or components rebuilt?

    I'm 5 foot 7 and about 85kg

    Just thought I would ask for some advice.
  2. Good bikes mate, either that or a zzr250. Don't pay too much though. There are cheap ones going around with less klms. How much they asking ?
  3. $2500ono with rego till May next year and new front & rear tires, unfortunately there isn't much for sale that is lams legal and cheap in my local area, and most cases to get anything to fit the criteria means an 1-2 hour drive to Wollongong or Sydney.
  4. Good learner bike, free revving and a lot of fun, price is up there. Have a look at it, if it looks like 10 day old prawn give it a miss. If the condition appears to match the mileage and there's no damage to the engine casings etc and no wierd noises then it's a pretty safe bet. $2500 is up there I'd be trying to negotiate that down if you like the look of it. I sold a mint one 2 years ago for less than that from memory.
  5. The GPX is a solid bike and predecessor to the ZZR-250 which has more aerodynmaic fairings.
    Their reliability is very good and nothing really goes wrong on them if they are well serviced.

    $2500 seems steep with that many km on it, I'd offer him between $1800- $2000 to be honest and maybe a little more if it includes a roadworthy.
    Check when the last time its had a valve clearance and carbs balanced/syncd. Also worth asking if the cam-chain tensinor has been replaced, as they are pretty shit on that engine...dead easy to replace though.

    Your weight and height should be fine, it is a heavier +taller bike compared to some modern 250's and the front end feels heavier compared to bikes such as the CBR250. Otherwise the seat and position is 'sports/touring' which is nice and overall a nice forgiving bike.
  6. Price is maybe a bit high, I'm selling a 04 model zzr250 with only 25000 klms on it for $2k
  7. According to the owner valves clearances and carbs done at 38,000, tensioner at 40,000 and front pads replaced. With receipts for these done except for the tensioner which he done himself.

    Thanks for help and advice everyone!