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Kawasaki GPX250 vs Hyosung GT 650 (LAMS)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Spidapig, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Hi all, just after some advise. I am tossing up between a 2006 GPX and a brand new GT 650 but have heard a few bad remarks about the GT. Having test ridden both i am leaning towards the GT as im a taller guy and it was a little more comfortable. The GPX has 7k on the clock and is in very good nick. Just after some comments from people that have either as to there thoughts.

  2. I own a GPX250, so a little biased. However, they are a proven winner of a bike. You cant kill them, they are fun, handle well, have a good squirt of power after about 9thousand RPM if you need it (For a 250cc anyway) but they are not exactly a tank of a bike, so if your taller, you may be frustrated on it after a while.

    One thing that is a fact:
    You will get a sh*t load of Hyosung bashing on this and other threads. Thats one thing you will know by the end of it all. Lots of pro and against folk bashing it out over the keyboard to prove their point. Just about every thread I have ever seen where a Hyosung is mentioned, this happens... so perhaps could go towards part of your answer.... Is entertaining to watch unfold. DO a few searches with Hyosung as the key word and you will see what I mean.

    Is there another bigger lams bike you could look at just to keep your options open maybe?
  3. go the kwaka for the superior build quality
  4. I've decided on the GT650 for my first bike, but its only going to be transport for albury/wodonga, nothing like a city and bit of weekend fun with father/cousin/uncle.

    I've read ALOT on every bike i can think of, even non LAMS bikes, and for 8g on road for the naked, its a pretty good deal, on top of that i pretty much haven't read anything bad about the 07/08 model aside from small warranty replacements that could happen on any bike. The general advice I've seen given and I've received with Hyosung though is make sure you have a good local dealer that wont screw you, apparently the AU dealer network is shit.

    I made a thread about the SV650 LAMS bike due out mid october, after getting the price (2.5g extra) i decided the bike didn't offer enough to justify it over the Hyosung. However the SV might be another option you haven't considered.
  5. congrats on the new bike..

    Yes you will get a bashing about owning a Hyosung..but hey it makes you laugh :p

    Check out korider.com as its a forum specific to Hyosungs
  6. The Hyo will keep you entertained for much longer.
    Current delivered Hyo's dont seem to have the same quality issues.
    They have good warrenties too.
    How much of the Hyo bashing is based on fact? Not much I'd say :wink:

    If you were comparing the GPX to another 250 it would be a no brainer.
  7. I saw a GT650R today, and I have to say they look pretty nice for a LAMS bike. Nice big rear tyre, although the headlight doesn't do much for me. I can't comment on reliability, but search up Dougz on here. He's owned one and said it was shit.
  8. Get a gpx. Sure, not every hyosung turns into a fat lemon. But the risk is unreasonably high. You have been warned.
  9. What he said .^^^^

    The risk it could be a lemon is just not worth it ...
  10. get the one you like i say. as another GPX owner i can say that they are pretty good for what they are. if you are a bit on the tall side you could get a little frustrated though. the 650 hyo is more of a bike to get your leg over. and hey if the hyo is new and has warranty your sorted and they are getting better.. sh_t... did i just say that.
  11. I'd go the GPX. Not saying that the Hyo is gonna give you grief, but I'd rather play on the safe side of the road :wink:
  12. and GPX owners are the coolest kids on the block.
  13. ^^^^ and the hyo owners are like that smelly kid at school no one talks to. :wink:
  14. Thanks all for your comments, given it will be my first bike (been borrowing a mates old bike) l think i will go the GPX while im on my L's and upgrade when i get more used to riding. Any major issues i should look out for on the GPX?
  15. You mean apart from the fact it ain't a Honda?
  16. you will be tempted to throw it round corners out of the saddle like your Casey or Vali,

    you will be changing every gear at no less than 12thousand Rpm, trying to pop monos from various take offs when no one is around (good luck, i just keep ramming my nads into the tank every time I try coz I panic when the front wheel gets up and I let the throttle off),

    heaps of people will tell you how cool your bike is and

    you may become a Hyo basher after you realise how sh*t hot the GPX is...Thats the most will ever have to worry about....
  17. I can vouch for that. I've been at mechanics with said gpx250 and they've got all these blingin bikes around..but they all stop to comment on what a good reliable machines these things are...and thats one thats 15 years old.

    My two cents..i like Motards..so i'd look at those options - plenty of them that are LAMS capable. But depends what you're preference is. Other options to consider Suzuki GS500..you could get an 07 for under $6K..but I don't know a huge amount about them.
  18. all the ladies who will throw themself at you can be a bit of a bastard if you are in a hurry.. nothing too major to look out for other than the usual signs of a crashed and thrashed bike..service records are a good thing to get..
  19. The hyo warranties are no better than anyone else's, in fact as hyo very rarely have any parts available it's probably worse...

    The interesting thing about hyo bashing apart from how much fun it is, is how much of it comes from ex owners...