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kawasaki gpx250 service manual & supplementary (2000+)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by daedalus, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. hi

    im looking for a kawasaki gpx250 ( ex250) service manual + the supplementary manual (year 2000 or above).

    the one floating around the internet is the 1987 supplementary manual.

    if someone could email it to me that would be much appreciated! i am happy to contribute to the cost if you already paid money for it

  2. i might have an 07 sup and the disc that covers all up to then. ill look. you can buy them if i do
  3. I've got the Ninja 250R service manual and the supplement to 03 (hardcopy, not PDF).

    What info do you need ?

    Edit: Just found the supplement manual in one of the threads below from a fellow NR member (Zion).

    http://www.zionmoto.com.au/repair manuals.html
  4. thanks but that link is for the 1987 one. it seems only the 1987 one is floating around

    i dont need any specific info, just want the manuals to i can better service/repair my bike in future

    alternatively who else wants one? maybe we can chip in and share the electronic copy? the service manual costs about $10, but the supplement costs about $40
  5. i didnt look so i will tonight
  6. nah not got them anymore. you can get disks from the uk that cover pretty much everything for about $10.(ebay). use your laptop in the garage or just print out what you need.
    then again i did have 2 disks so ill have another look for the hell of it
  7. don't think they made many changes to the bike over the years, the earlier one should be fine.
  8. little changes every year here and there.
    while the first one is fine there will be odd things here and there that differ. should be able to work it out though as they are things like indicators and so on.
    the owners book is almost a service manual for a gpx
  9. but the one floating around is the supplement 1987. i would at least need the service manual?

    anyway i will just buy a digital copy off ebay

  10. Just download the 87 supplement, it is very extensive compared to a normal supplement.
  11. what do you mean by the 'normal supplement'?
  12. A normal supplement usually has updates, but the 87 gpx250 supplement going around the net, would be as good as having the normal workshop manual.
    It describes almost everything in full detail, including top end and gearbox rebuilds.
  13. but according to http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Service_Manual it says we will need both the normal service manual + a supplement that is at least as old as the bike.
  14. And you should have every tool they list as well, but you won't. Get the net version and you will find more than enough information there than you will need.
  15. I'm with Grange.

    Between the online GPX manual and the resources on Ninja 250 forum and here, you'll be set.

    If you plan to keep the bike over a number of year or racking up plenty of mileage on it, just spend the $30 and buy the supplement manual.