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Kawasaki GPX 250 Radiator Questions.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by adxdopefish, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Good afternoon fellow netriders.

    My friend has a Kawasaki GPX 250, and after a run of poor servicing / no work being done whatsoever by a couple of local motorcycle mechanics, we have decided to take it upon ourselves to restore the bike to its former glory.

    Currently I am seeking a radiator for the bike. Where do you guys go for spares in Australia? I have looked around a couple of forums and will keep looking but so far everything I have come across has been sold already. :)

    Also, can anyone advise me as to whether or not the ZZR 250 radiator is the same as the GPX 250?

    Thanks for your help, and apologies for not posting in the "For Sale" area of the forums. Apparently I am restricted from making posts there - most likely due to not having enough posts in total on these forums. :)

    Thanks again,


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  3. I'm 90% sure the radiators on the GPX / ZZR are interchangeable.

    Take a picture of from the front and sides, stick them in this post, and I can give you a more definitive answer.

    Best bet is to try your local wreckers. I'm sure the Sydney wreckers would have them and may courier the part up to you for a fee.



    Check Ebay, I've seen GPX radiators every now and then for ~$50.
  4. From experience, they are almost the same. I have a ZZR-250 and had to change the motor as I killed the first one. I brought a GPX '07 motor from a wreckers and noticed some slight differences in the coolant system.

    The ZZR has only one coolant loop;

    From the top of the radiator straight to the back of the head (with thermostat inline) into the guts, comes out on the left side which then ventures back into the bottom side of the radiator.

    The GPX had a smaller loop within the main loop;

    From the radiator top to the head of the motor (with thermostat inline), but just before that it had a T-piece. The T-piece I'm assuming went to the carbs... The coolant entering the head would go inside, and re-appear on the left side like the ZZR, and venture back to the bottom of the radiator. Before that however, in the pipe between the radiator and the left side of the motor was another T-piece, which I'm assuming the coolant from the carbs (or where ever it went from the previous divide) would return to.

    When I swapped the motor I remembered to swap the T-peice going between the left of the motor and rad, and forgot about the one above the head!! Filled it up with coolant, and next thing I know green shit pissing out everywhere!! Stuck a rubber hose on it, clamped it, and put a bolt in the end of the hose and cable tied that end. Still to this day it remains!! Bolt and cable tie block!!

    Sorry just realised my rant,

    Short answer, yes they are the same in respect to the hose fittings, the mounting however would be your only issue as the ZZR and GPX have different frames...

    Check that bit and you'll be fine.

    (sorry for the rant! 5 day weekend starting in 8 seconds)
  5. Brownyy, thanks so much for the rant. Lots of extremely good information there, and the bike now has a working radiator from a zzr installed and the bike is running :)

    It is still in need of much love, but it is coming along.

    Thank you again :)