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Kawasaki GPX 250 Ive found the bike now i need the stories.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by beery, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. I went out today looking for a bike and i think i found it it was comfortable nice riding postition which i thought i wouldnt find in a road bike being 6ft 4 and about 120kg. The bike was a Kawasaki GPX 250 1993 model with 66,000kms on the clock and 12 months rego it has light scratches and a small crack in the faring on the left hand side near the indicator it looked like someone had gone through a garden on it. It was $3,700 i thought that was a bit steep but i like the model, lucky for me they havnt changed them in about 20 years so i might be able to find a better example.

    What i want to find out is stories and experiencesgood or bad of people who own or have owned this model, what
    should i look for and whats the advantages please people give me all i can on this bike?
  2. I bought a 2003 model with 8000kms (never dropped) for $4000 for the other half a little while ago. That price sounds pretty high...

    Generally they are pretty reliable, look for a service history and general condition of the bike.
  3. good bikes, reliable and easy to ride. cant complain for a learner really.

    and yeah $3700 is WAY high for a bike that vintage with those kays. i have a 96 model with under 50,000 on it for sale at the moment for $2500 :wink:

  4. yeh they're a decent bike.. same as the zzr pretty much (zzr is better)

    but that's definitely a bit overpriced. i'd expect to pay 2000-2500 for an old gpx
  5. too much dollars for that one. But good bullet proof bike as a rule. Also look at the zzr.. have fun :D
  6. Ditto what they said.

    GPX was my first bike and I dug it. Very reliable, friendly, forgiving but with enough go if you twist the wrist.

    Race Replica have brand new ones for $5990 +orc, so I noticed the other day. $3700 is way overpriced.

  7. yep.... for 3700 go look at the zzr, almost the same bike, just a little more refined ;)
  8. i wouldn't say more refined, just different.

    as a commuter, i reckon the GPX beats it hands down. its lighter and quicker on the turns with a more upright postition making it feel more.... cummutery. same motor but almost everything else is different (only subtly sometimes tho). but for touring, the ZZR tops the GPX for sure, better wind protection and gearing, longer wheelbase and more stable.

    horses for courses really, i understand why the ZZR is more expensive, theres more of it. but the GPX is a better bike for some people....
  9. far enough, after riding both i found the them to be almost the same to ride, but i was still new to riding then, but yeah the zzr just sits nicer on the road imo, either way it's still a kwaka so your set ;)
  10. gps/zzr same motor?? I think so, my fiancee had a gpx250 for three years. Three years of trouble free motoring. Broome-Bunbury (2500 k's) No problem! Bunno-esperance, no problem. What a legend! Peg scrapes everywhere, easy. Great fun. Sold it (1990 model) last year for $2600.