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Kawasaki flying down Chapel Street

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Petie, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Discuss :)

  2. Your mum.
  3. the rider we all wish we were?
  4. Not when he gets the EPA testing notice!
  5. Some nub who feels the need to annoy people at home relaxing ???
  6. Yeah and with the 1000 or so waiting to have the notices delivered due to operation pipedown, what are the odds that guy misses out...
  7. Thanks for your contribution, 1990 called.. They want their witty retort back =D>
  8. Seinfeld called, they want theirs back.


  9. Blast!
  10. flap flap flap

  11. Wasn't me........honest.......
  12. It was me. I have aids stuck in my exhaust hence the excessive sound.
  13. No-one home there - it's mostly all crappy trendy cafes and dress shops. :)
  14. The rider is a twit. With all the hotted up ricers and posers in the area that often get EPA notices and defects even without an operation pipedown... chappo street is the last place to bounce the pipe noise off the traffic.
  15. reminded me of the tuesday after easter circa 1985, Sydney road brunswick about 7am. 6 big jap bikes cruising past at roughly 100kmh bouncing noise off the buildings. sounded awesome.
  16. i love it when bikes (not harleys) set off car alarms
  17. .Why?
  18. Why not?