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Kawasaki ER6N - Purchase advice ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ckaine, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering whether someone might be able to give me some advice on a bike I am currently looking at purchasing.

    It is a 06/07 Kawasaki ER6N and has done around 20,000km's.
    The price appears to be good but I am a bit concerned about the amount of K's, so would really appreciate any feedback.

    Also, I understand that this bike isn't LAMS approved but would welcome any advice on whether it would be considered suitable for a beginner. I hold my full licence from several years ago but have not done a lot of on road riding at all.

    Many thanks
  2. Yes, they would make a good bike for a returning rider. 20k is good, nice and low. Depending on condition I'd be looking at spending 6-7k for a 06-07 er6n.
  3. Yes good thanks. Thanks for asking. So nice of you to drop in and say hi.

    Dear OP, 1st post not an intro and it's in the wrong forum... we don't take kindly to either around here... so consider this a free pass, your thread has been moved to the right forum - it could have been deleted. Say thanks.

    Welcome to NR :) Good choice of bike brand by the way :)

    (If your form stays the same though, watch out for ISCN. ;) )

  4. Thanks.

    Hello to you my new friend.

  5. 20k'd is fine mate. i almost bought one with a dented tank for 5000 with rwc & reg. with 10k on the clock. but the guy was a douche and it was under finance so i pulled out

    with good bargaining look for around 6-6.5k for something in great nick
  6. I've done about 20K on mine. Its an easy bike to ride but still goes quick if you want to. Perfect first "big" bike.
  7. Anyone test ridden an 09 ER6N? I test drove an 08 with only 6k on the dial and it was rather vibey...to the point that it turned me totally off the bike. I hear the 09's are meant to be better. That and perhaps I just had bad luck (was a demo though!)
  8. kawasaki er6n - purchase price??

    as mentioned above somewhere between 6-7k sounds fine...i purchased mine 12mths ago for $6,500 it had after market exahaust luggage rack and only 5000kms on her.....i also was looking for something to give me abit of confidence and have really enjoy this bike.....great around town and very enjoyable on the open road....just returned from a 1000+km weekend and it didnt miss a beat ....has enough when i give it a squirt too eg does over 200km easy...a great confidence building bike