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Kawasaki ER6n......new colour ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by martych, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Anyone out there able to tell me if this is a new colour for '08 ? I haven't seen one and was seriously looking at the orange colour til I saw this.

    (I'm guessing the seat is aftermarket but what a nice touch)

  2. From what I've seen, that's how the seat actually comes.. Sweet bike, hey!
  3. Oh yeah. If it was belt driven, I'd say it was perfect. Still, having said that I can't imagine chains and sprockets would be a huge issue considering it's only a relatively small bike and my conservative riding style etc,.

    Is that seat really stock ? Nice touch.
  4. New 2008 colours for the ER6n are green and blue. The ER6f is green and black. go to your nearest Kawa dealer and pick up a model range brochure :)
  5. the orange still does it for me
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  7. Be easily done I think. It looks as if the belly pan just unbolts.

    I agree with you about the 'new' black. I think the wheels are a nice touch. Never liked the red frame on the previous black, but hey...each to their own. These would have to be one of the best value for money 650's around IMHO.
  8. ER6n > Ducati Monster 696

    The ER6n is the new monster
  9. By the looks of it it's a custom seat from this place:


    Cracking looking saddles if you've got the spare dosh. They're French so they are bound to come with bags of attitude. Unless a German knocks on ya door, then you'll find it hiding under the table eating cheese. :)