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Kawasaki er6-nl 2013

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kermit er6n, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Here is my new pride and joy, picked it up this morning from bike biz. So happy with it. I was expecting a 2012 model which is gloss black but the 2013 is a Matt finish, which is what I wanted in the 1st place.


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  2. ooooo pretty (y)

    You can see mine tomorrow.
  3. Mean looking piece of kit there. Very nice.
  4. I like these, wel done
  5. Though one more was in order...

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  6. That is one funky swingarm
  7. They are one sexy machine that's for sure. I like how angry they look. I considered getting the lams approved 600 version but too pricey for me
  8. These new ER6's are great looking bikes.....

    I'll bet you're glad you got the 2013 model - I think they've finally nailed the styling.....I had a 2011 ER6N - the 2013 is a vast improvement - not only in styling but also in fueling and handling etc......

    Good choice (y)
  9. To be honest I thought I was getting the 2012, the 2013 is exact ally the same just a Matt black finish. I prefer Matt so I'm over the moon. Just have to ride it as much as possible so I can get the 1st service out the way then I can get over 4000rpm!
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  10. You dont have to answer if you don't want, but may I ask, how much does a 2013 er6 go for?
  11. Don't mind at all.
    Think they go for just over 11k but you can beat them down as I did.
    This is a lams approved so don't know if that changes the price.

    You thinking of getting one?
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  12. Thanks! And yes I am :) but not lams though. One of the many on consideration haha

    ps. was that the rideaway price?
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    I just got the 2007 non lams version with 25000kms in really good nick for $5000 if you want the cheaper option.

  14. Nice bike!
  15. congrats nice bike:grin:
  16. Grats on the new bike :)
  17. So how much did you beat them down by?
  18. Congrats on the new toy!!! enjoy (y)
  19. This bike is now up for sale only done 600ks
    I'm after $9000ono
    If anyone knows anyone that wants one let me know.