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Kawasaki ER-6NL or Yamaha XJ6NL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by macosx77, May 22, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    used to ride Honda 650 for few years and given up riding but want to come back .....

    so looking for one of these: Kawasaki ER-6NL or Yamaha XJ6NL,
    got few pros on kawasaki as easy to de-restrict, that's what been told?
    but looses value and need to re-register here in Qld.

    Yamaha : they are not available yet, but should be in market in next 3 weeks price is unknown?

    any suggestions::
    Like Kawasaki look but really wanted to get Yellow which is not available in AUS... come on kawa.

  2. Aussieak is selling his kwaka, very happy with the bike just upgrading, pm him about it
  3. Hi, I have the 2012 ER-6NL, had it for about 14 weeks. So far I love it but it is my first bike so do not have anything to compare it to.

    There is a great thread in the bike reviews section about this model which is worth a read.

    Things I like:
    Easy to ride
    Quite forgiving
    Seems to have plenty of go without wringing it's neck
    Plenty of pace for riding during the day on suburban roads
    Sorry no idea about what it is like in the twisties as yet
    Sexy red spring
    Distance to go meter is quite accurate leaves about 4 liters in the tank when it starts flashing.

    Things I do not like
    Quite high centre of gravity
    Tall seat at 805 well at least for me at 5 foot 8 and 70 kg
    Does sound a bit like a tractor at low revs
    Gear box a bit clunky from first to second you can end up in neutral without a firm push up

    Would I recommend it, yes nice bike that goes okay as a first bike and has big bike personae on the road and you do not have to be high in the revs to be going along.

    Sorry know nothing about the Yamaha.

    If you want to know anything else just ask.

    PS do you need the LAMS model?

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Hmm. yes need to be LAMS as refresher and I didn't get the license when we move down.. that would be clever thing to do! friend of mine move 2008 from London and got straight on R with Q-Ride. anyway ...

    so need to be LAMS, But ER6NL can be ease to de-restrict if dont want to sell and keep for 4-5 yrs run? Sales guy told need to re-register as Full size if want to de-restrict!!!
  5. are you talking abt 650RL... for that price. I have offer from Kawasaki 9200$ ER6NL 2012 ABS? isn't that better deal than "Aussieak" bike.

    Still trying to negotiate.. let see how far i can go..
  6. you're starting to be able to find crash knobs for the 2012 kawasaki now ... if the yammy is brand new, there will probably be a similar delay with getting accessories for it.

    worth thinking about if crash knobs are your thing, otherwise round file and carry on ...
  7. Hey, you can only ask :)
  8. thx bro
  9. Hey,

    Likewise for me, though I have the Ninja 650L rather than the ER-6NL. Very similar bikes from what I have gathered (basically naked vs fairings)

    Really? I actually thought mine had quite a low centre of gravity... Odd. I am a tad taller, and a hell of a lot heavier though, maybe that has something to do with it?

    Anyways I'd happily recommend it... Can't comment on the Yamaha though. :)
  10. Good price I paid $10,200 ride away for mine.
  11. When/Where was that? dealer keep saying Kawasaki may be revising prices in next couple weeks> marketing tricks.. but he was at least honest ; as not sure which was up/down. I believe it should go down only.
  12. 20th Feb 2012 Brigton Kawaski Melb. Was the cheapest Vic price at the time.

    Do not forget rego etc vary state to state and we have "the safety levy" down here!!!

  13. anyone knows any cheaper dealer than 9250$ , thats what I found on net, it should go down another 500$ if go to dealer for negotiation???

    i beleive prices will drop after 31 May
  14. Hi,

    With the derestircting part I know the previous model was easy to do but I am not sure if that translates to the 2012 model or not. Have not seen any chat on here about doing it as yet.

  15. Major difference between the two bikes is that the Yamaha is an inline-4 cylinder, the Kwaka is a twin. Kwaka will be viby-er and torquier, the Yam will be smoother and higher revving. As to which suits you best, you'd have to test ride.

    I'm a a yamaha guy but think the ER6NL looks sexier, if that counts for anything.
  16. DR650 is better than both.

  17. =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>
  18. ^ This
  19. Did enquire on yellow one, some dealers says might be here in next year,,, can't wait that long sure. But really love that yellow er6n. Looks awesome ..what you guys think .. Wait or go for black???