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Kawasaki ER-6NL 2014

  1. Locnah submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Kawasaki ER-6NL 2014

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  2. Good stuff dude - great photos.

    I had a full power (factory) ER6N years ago.
    Great bikes - bullet proof.
  3. I reckon that is a great looking m/c LAMS or not - grab yourself some aftermarket mirrors and you'll be right, either that or you just gotta refine your seated dance moves when you check behind.
  4. Cheers. The other issue I failed to mention is the horrible bloody LAMS engine map as the bottom end is unforgiving and quite lumpy, borderline dangerous IMHO. What kawasaki really should have done for the 'L' version is shorten 1st + 2nd gear.

    Seriously considering attempting to bend the arms of the mirrors down an inch or so as I like the shape...dunno.
  5. Nice bike (y)

    There is a spacer which looks to be welded on the bottom lock nut beneath the rubber shroud at the base of the mirrors. With a trip to the local hardware you could shave off 10-15mm there and it might be just low enough to bypass some elbow.

    From my experience the lumpy bottom end is no better with the full powered map, and rolling on the throttle is kinder with the LAMS map. Chain and sprocket condition/adjustment make heaps of difference with this too.