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Kawasaki ER-6N

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BitSar, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Thinking of buying a Kawasaki ER-6N (new 2011) ABS as a commuter....daily rider.

    Anyone own? What are they like to live with? Reliability?

    Will consider alternatives....but am leaning towards a twin and would like ABS.

  2. Don't own one, but have ridden a couple. I have how ever been through a fair few bikes for commuting. I would love an ER-6 as a commuter.
    Very flexible engine, quite comfy and I could ride it all day. Nice and narrow and great at filtering.

    One day...
  3. In exactly the same boat as you, same bike, same requirements.

    If your in Melbourne and have managed to track down a test ride, let me know where, no one I've asked so far has had a demo bike in this model.
  4. I haven't managed to find any demonstrators either.......

    I am in Melbourne and work in the CBD (hence the commuter requirements) I have been buzzing in and out of work the last 2 or so years on my trusty little VTR but need something with more go and better stop.....

    I might wander into Peter Stephens at lunch and ask about demos.....all the other dealers have given me the normal "lose to much on demo models" crap.
  5. had mine for a bit over 3 years. no real dramas with it. easy bike to ride. goes better with good tyres. (I like BT023's on it) has a bit of go once you get the revs up, put placid at lower revs making it good for commuting.
    some people don't like the vibration you get as its a twin, and the springs are very stiff. worth playing with the rear preload (all you can adjust) until you get it right.
  6. Thanks for the info.

    I've heard that the suspension complaints have been ironed out in the 2011 MY version.

    I think as a commuter it will be a great bike

    **EDIT: When you say "no real dramas" can you be a little more specific? As it will be my daily transport it will need to be as bullet proof as possible in terms of reliability,
  7. Mate rides one, just came back from a 3300+ km trip over 8 days with him. His bike performed flawlessly, with luggage. Nice comfortable upright ergos and excellent steering make riding this bike a breeze! Good torque down low for getting off at the lights. He got rid of the Dunlop OEM tyres and put a set of Metzeler Roadtec Z6's on.
  8. Well, I got some replies today from a couple of dealers, still no luck chasing down a demo.

    I figure I'll start calling around and sussing out the final pricing on them tomorrow. With a bit of luck, in my quest for a good deal I'll find a demo.

    Also, interestingly, one of the dealers I spoke to today said to buy the LAMS and de-restrict it (apparently as simple as removing a screw), then re-restrict it when it is time to sell, I would have thought the ER-6n would have an ECU restriction...
  9. the dickheads that installed my heated handgrips stuffed the wiring and I had the temperature light flashing intermittently for a year until another mechanic finally tracked it down. I've also had a stick or something hit the radiator and flatten the fins. got a radiator guard now.
  10. Thanks for the feedback regarding the "problems........" seems more like circumstance and bad workmanship rather than the bike letting you down....definitely a plus....

    Good work MrBling on finding a dealer who will demo.....can I ask which dealer?
  11. Nah sorry, still no luck...

    I'll let you know for sure if I find one though...
  12. We are still waiting for your review, if you had a test ride.
  13. No test ride yet, still haven't found a current one to try out, but I'll let you know, I'm taking delivery of one hopefully next Wednesday/Thursday...

    I figure they get nothing but good reviews, it was comfy enough sitting on it (I'm pretty tall so it feels a bit small, bigger than what I'm used to through) and I figure, it is pretty cheap, should be easy enough to sell, will be a good step up bike and if I don't like it, I'll move on to something different in a year or so anyway.

    I honestly think, if your looking for a test ride on one of these your not going to have a lot of luck, the market for this bike is incredibly cut throat.

    Maybe I'll start charging for test rides on mine???

  14. Have you tried Epping Kawasaki, somebody told me they test rode one there.
  15. Yeah, went though the list of Melbourne dealers...

    I think it was Dandy that emailed me a day or two ago, they got an older one that was traded in. Meh...
  16. Hey nice one on getting the new machine.....you go black or white?

    Can I ask how much you paid on road?

    Let us know how the bike goes once you take delivery!

  17. Went with white, I'll PM you the price....
  18. hi there
    i traded my old GS500F for a 2011 kawasaki ninja 650RL which is the full faired version. Awesome bike compared to the Suz500. Plennnty of midrange torque which gets hiked up once the throttle lock is removed... Rode it all the way from Sydney to Griffith 600k's via Wollongong/Maquarie Pass/Hume on its maiden voyage from the showroom and was it fun. Lots more stability than the GS500, even in high wind and rain(all which I faced in the first ride). Have swapped the stock can with an Arrow slip on and now its sounds insane ! Very happy with the choice. The styling too is pretty neat. comfortable sitting position.
  19. Hey all, i bought a 2011 er6n for my second bike. Just about to clock 6000k without a drama and easily derestricted (dont forget the plug under the seat). I put some renthal ultra low bars and a vance and hines pipe/dynojet computer and the difference is amazing.
    Ditch the euroIII stranglehold and you'll be shocked how much better they are.
  20. Any tips on where to get bits and pieces for them???