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Kawasaki er 6n worth waiting for?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nobby, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Well, this is it, http://www.viamichelin.com/viamichelin/gbr/tpl/mag4/art20051101/htm/route-kawasaki-ER6n.htm .what do you think, is it worth waiting for? I have decided to hold off buying a bike until I see it in all its glory, and with fairings... valued around $10,000, but it looks great in the piccies. I been told by various kwaka dealers that delivery time is around 6 - 8 weeks.

    hope it's worth waiting for.. :roll: :roll:
  2. I'd say that it looks 'interesting'.

    It's a budget bike and in the same sector as the SV650 and to a degree their own Z750.

    The engine is a strange configuration which makes it a bit different (sums up the whole bike really).

    I'd prob take one for a test-ride but I doubt if it's sporty enough for me :)
  3. There's been millions of vertical twins, good and bad, but 2005 technology applied to an old metaphor should yield an interesting bike. It'll have great ground clearance, light weight, and, most importantly, be nice and narrow for lane-splitting!!!

    This gushy report should be balanced against Australian road tests before any decision is made, however, IMHO.
  4. Should be here soon, initially the ETA was late Nov.'05.
    She's pulling rave reviews in Europe, all shipments are sold out before arrival.
    According to the tests and comparos it's a real contender in the non-sports 600-class and Kwaka has finally come up with something different...that actually seems to work and sell real well.
    Can't wait for a tester...
  5. YEAH, all more reason why Honda should pull its head out of the sand and re-introduce the Hornet 600!!!! (phew, that feels better!)
  6. i've been reading the reviews in mags for this bike and what they say seems to be pretty positive. for example:
    -easy to ride
    -good ergonomics
    -fun for beginner and experienced as well
    -they say its alotta bang for your buck
    plus i reckon it looks pretty cool as well! can't wait to see it in the flesh....i just hope that somehow it might make LAMS in NSW :)
  7. Hmmmm. not with the "open" version, looking at the HP quoted.
    Hopefully they'll follow Hyosung's lead and offer a restricted version, that can be "opened" lateron.
  8. There's also a faired version (the ER-6f) that's due to be released in Europe that looks very nice - could be a while before that version hits this country though.
    edit: added link to picture
  9. Looks good, looks really good. 4lts/100kms is impressive too. Soo many bikes I want, if only I were rich and were able to ride them. I think its worth it.