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Kawasaki ER-6F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bigchief, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. It's a ripper. Light, nimble, powerful, fun. Go ride one.
  2. I took one for a test ride on monday as I've been looking at them since I got my Ls.

    I was disappointed probably because I'd built it up so much before. For me the bars were stupidly high, but that might be something you could get used to.. but for twisties I'd put clipons on right away. The stock exhaust is a sewing machine and NEEDS to be replaced. But the motor is willing and its quite agile. The fuel injection makes it very smooth for a twin which is a change from what I'm used to (rough as hell carby vtwin).

    The suspension is a bit mushy but thats to be expected in its class. Changing bars, exhaust and playing with suspension will make it a real hoot though.
  3. Well I got my P's yesterday - so not quite looking to buy yet. But I'm starting to look at bikes that I can buy say next year or so that are a year or 2 old (maybe 3 max.) and this one caught my eye.

    Interested in phizog's comments though. See my only point of reference would be my current 2006 VTR250.... so not much to compare this bike to.

    But it looks nice though :grin:
  4. It does. I'm test riding z750 and zx6r later this week so I can pass on my thoughts of those too if you like :cool:
  5. Yeah, loved to hear what you think.

    Bear in mind I'm a shorty (5'3"....JUST!) So I am fairly comfortable on my VTR250. That was the other thing that attracted me to the Kawasaki - seat height of 790mm... only 30mm more than the VTR

    Most of the other bikes are 800+ :?
  6. I was seriously looking at one too, until I saw it in the flesh and it was utterly unexciting... Depends on how you are going to ride, I think it would be a great commuter..... excitement weapon... no.
  7. I agree with Karl.

    The low seat height appealed to me, but the bike was just ordinary. There was also a waiting list.

    Ended up falling in love with the cbr600 instead. Check it out even if you are short - I'm only 156cm tall and was able to ride it stock height.
  8. rabbit

    What's the seat height of the cbr600?

    And what model did you go for?
  9. I got the 07 cbr600. Stock height is 820, but the seat is narrower than many others, meaning its easier to get feet down.

    It does compress a bit more after a while of wearing in, and once the suspension (preload etc) is adjusted for your weight, you may find its lowered the seat height too.

    Its also only 155kg dry - also a bonus :grin:
  10. Meh theyre poo.

    So many other better sports tourers out there. FZ6S S2, bandit etc
  11. twins4lyfe an I will neva give in.
  12. I thought it was a great little bike, but the Z750 was better & more fun, for me at least.
  13. Not so sure that I'd agree that the FZ6 is a better bike overall than the ER, or at least to enough of a degree to make it look like 'poo'. Again, depends on your purposes, but most reviews I've seen of the FZ6 suggest that it's not a particularly good bike for day-to-day riding due to some quality and finish issues as well as a narrow powerband at high revs and not much anywhere else.
  14. Wasnt talking about looks.

    Well the FZ6 s2 has like 25hp more. So that might give it an edge over the er6 in the poo-ness stakes..

    Most reviews I've read put it below the hornet and the street triple and the z750, but usually the er6 isn't even in there with a mention..
  15. Try the z1000, the only one of the group thats worth the effort
  16. and you've actually ridden an ER6?
  17. I tested one when I was looking for a new bike, it had a micron zorst on it which sounded great, and it went OK . I then went & tested a Z750 which I ended up buying & the difference was very large. Loads more power, heaps better handling & looks better too IMHO> Even though the Z is "built to a price" , it was so much sharper & more powerful, the E was sloppy & was just lacking in general.
  18. the z750 and the er6 are different animals. an in line 4 pseudo sport bike against a parallel twin standard. depends what you want to do and your riding style I suppose.
    ps the er6 is oversprung so if you found it soft it was set wrong.