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Kawasaki ER-6F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jdm, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Has anyone actually been told by Kawasaki or one of their dealers that the ER-6F will be released in Australia? And if so when?

    It's an option for the +1's next bike.....

  2. They are in the shops right now.... so yes.... we have been told...

    They look pretty swanky too...
  3. i was told march :)
  4. Well... I have seen and touched it......... I have sat on it and fondled it....

    Saw it in the showroom at Cosways in the centre of the city...
  5. Kinky! :LOL:

    Thx BTW...

  6. Then why isn't it on the Kawasaki Aust web site??? Not even a press release???

    For the "n" yes - but not the "f"...

  7. I'm interested in having a look at one of these too - apparently the dealer in Fern Tree Gully has them in store. I was limiting my choice of upgrade to the Sv650S or a Monster 620 - but now seems I have 3 bikes to choose from :)
  8. Sterohead did you get what the RRP was? I can't seem to find any indication of price for this bike anywhere.
  9. black betty are you going to test ride all these bikes? If you do i reckon a few folks would loke to read a comparrision report/review?
  10. will do - but not planning to upgrade until May - taking the VTR around Tassie first :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. No sorry.....
  12. i've seen them in sydney but can't remember the RRP :?
  13. They've got a black one at Race Replica $11,450.
  14. MMMM...I reckon that's a few $$$ more than I'm happy with I can get a new 2005 R6 for about $13500...

  15. Z750 is the answer. $10200 + ORC gets you another 30hp and funky looks plus a really smooth motor. If you can live without a fairing make sure you take it for a ride before buying.
  16. At that price be interesting to see how the ER-6f fares against the much cheaper SV650S (10,790+ORC), especially since the Suzuki has more torque and less weight.
  17. Mmm, definitely in the shops. Saw a couple at Brighton Kwaka when I was getting mine serviced. Look even better in the flesh, IMO. Probably would still do what Bartofsky suggested: get the Z750 or 1000 instead. ;)
  18. When I took the 6n for a spin, talk was of an extra $700 for the 6f, rrp should be 10.690 plus about a grand for o/r.
    Which would make sense, as Kawasaki has the ER6 firmly aimed at the SV/SVs market.
  19. i was quoted $500 more for the ER-6f today at toowoomba kawasaki
    im looking for 250's atm. so i didnt ask how much for the ER-6n just the difference between the f and the n

    ER-6n's just look fudging sexy......seriously considering upgrading to one if i can get a better deal on it compared to a suzuki gsxr600 (new)