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Kawasaki ER-6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lowercase, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. okay, currently i have the er-5, and i saw and er-6 today and was swooning!! it was the black version with red outlining.

    my er-5 is a massive pleasure to ride, but was wondering, if ever i add an additional bike, is this one a yay or a nay?

  2. The er-6 has nothing in common with the 5 other than the badge and engine layout

    The ER-6 is a winner.

    Hard to choose between it and it's main competitor, the SV650 though. The SV has possibly a stronger engine, but the ER-6 is more innovative in design.

    You'd need to try both.
  3. So I should look into purchasing one day... interesting...
  4. Bit small for a 650 (for me anyway). I felt like I was riding a 250 again.

    Nice note from the paralell twin BUT not as much (noticible) torque and definitely not as nice on the ears as a V-twin. Then again, it's probably more economical than it's Suzuki rival (?)

    Even though I'm slightly bias in favour of Suzuki , I do think the ER-6 "looks" better, especially in that orange that Kwaka do so well.

    Best advice (IMHO).... ride both, and maybe evn throw a ride of a FZ6 in for a comparo.
  5. I am the proud owner of an ER-6f, (also black, with red frame) so my opinion will naturally be biased. However, I CAN tell you that I absolutely love it. As for the SV, I took one of those for a test ride prior to buying the ER-6, and although it was nice too, found the riding position less comfortable... not bad, but just not suitable for me. Keeping in mind, of course, that i've only been riding for a couple of years. I think a more experienced rider would possibly feel they 'need' a bigger bike, but I feel comfortable with having a bike that feels like a 250 (yes, it does :) ) yet goes like a 650 (yes, it does :grin: ).
    This bike is heaps of fun! It is easy to manage around town, is so 'flippable' in the corners, is comfy on a full day trip (with my airhawk), and gets going when I want it to. It definitely wants to go faster than I do.
    Anyhow... I will have mine for a long time. I have not yet seen any other bike I'd rather have.
  6. Haha, hope you mean flickable :p

    Yeah I'm interested in the er6f, the er6n is a bit too funky for me, its entirely the headlight.

    Only issue is I want something that I can keep for 10 years (ie the engine will last forever), and still not get bored of.. so I'm still considering other options.. If that path doesn't work I'll just get a er6f or sv650s and do with that for a year until I find something bigger that I like.
  7. kwaka just released the versays (?) basically a more road orientated dual sport version of the ER6. really interesting looking bike, and could possibly take up some of the market share of the DL650. id buy one if a had a disposable income and didnt have to do my own work on it.
  8. Thanks, yeah I did mean 'flickable'. :oops: :grin: