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Kawasaki ER-5 owners, whats the Er-5 like?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by beery, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Im just about to go for my L's in new south wales and im after a ride ive been looking at the ER-5 im a big guy so a 250cc is
    not a option i sat on the ER-5 i liked the size and the feel of it.
    So if there's any owners out there can you give the story on them and what to look for?

    thank you for your tme


  2. Re: Kawasaki ER-5 owners, what are they like?

    Actually... they are much like other motorcycle model owners :LOL:
  3. smatarse :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Ok i'll rename that
  4. I haven't ridden one, but I have a mate whose wife and son each have an ER-5.

    They've used them for both commuting and touring and been very happy with them.
  5. I havent ridden one.... but it appears to be very similar to the Suzuki GS500e... a similar riding style and styling... aswell as a similar style of engine..

    For a bigger guy, a 500 is definitely a better option than a 250... You just get up to speed a bit quicker... a bit more torque throughout the range... Once again, if it like the GS, you will have a very reliable, trustworthy bike...
  6. I love my ER-5. It is an absolute pleasure to ride. I use it for commuting, touring and hitting the twisties on the weekend and can't fault it. It has great power delivery (not exactly a ZXR but close to sports bike performance) and is very comfortable to sit on for long periods. One should be careful downshifting though because compression lock ups are easy to do on a 500 twin and it's caught me out a few times. The trick is to just relax on the downshifts because even at low revs the engine braking is quite good. Being naked (the bike, not you), you do tend to start feeling like a windsock once speeds get over 140km (not that you'd do anything silly and illegal like that :wink: ) but it's very roomy and you don't feel cramped if you want to bend a bit lower to reduce the wind resistance. Wind is however rarely a problem. Even with a stong cross wind the bike feels very stable. When I tour I use a seat bag and a quite large tank bag and still have heaps of room to move.

    Don't be put off by the clutch. It's a Kawasaki and for some reason many of them a a quirk where the bike will stall when you put it in gear the first time after a cold start. The solution is to hold the clutch in for 10-15secs to let the oil get in where it should be before engaging 1st. :)

    When I bought my bike I'd decided on an ER-5 or GS500. The Suzuki seemed to have more modern brakes and rear suspension but the ER-5 lacks nothing in those departments despite using older technology so the slightly bigger engine and a bit more power eventially made the decision easy. :grin:
  7. There was a write up in AMCN a few months back and it was favourable, especially price. I think it lost out on rear brake performance. They said it was heaps of fun. roomy, decent grunt and then they want on to say that the ER-6n was soon to be released. The mag then had a write up of this a couple of issues ago. Again price was thought to be exceptional and I think they said that many of the minor issues with the ER-5 had been tweaked.
  8. beery,

    Bought ER-5 as first bike and couldn't be happier. More solid than 250 on the road and plenty of grunt for a learner.

    Use it for commuting and weekend fun, it handles well. I'm actually thinking of upgrading to something like a Vstrom 650 - my ER-5's in great condition if you're interested.

    Happy riding.
  9. If you are looking at 500cc bikes, check out the Suzuki GS500 as well. Similar styles and both learner legal in NSW.
  10. If you check out the Kawasaki OZ homepage you will find that ER-5 are no longer available. If you can find a new one at the dealer you may get some good deal as they'd want to get rid of it.
  11. Sydney City Motorcycles at Ramsgate still has a couple of brand new Er 5's on the floor.

    The same engine is used in the USA and UK in the GPZ 500 and also in the newly re-released KLE 500.

    The motor is not similar to the Suzuki GS 500...the ER engine is water cooled, the GS 500 is an air head.
    Pros and cons with either design.
    I prefer air cooled myself.
    London mobike couriers use the ER 5 and the GPZ 5 and the KLE 5...that's always a strong point in a bikes favour in my opinion, because those guys and gals ride the absolute shit out of their bikes.
    If a bike survives being a London Despatch machine it's got to be reliable.
    They use the GS 500 as well.
    I did read last week on a South African bike site that the KLE 500 seems to be rather petrol greedy, only 160 kilometers before reserve, and that on a 15 litre tank. Off road in harder conditions it only made 145 kays before reserve.
    Perhaps the internal catalytic converter is affecting petrol consumption in the KLE model? I know it weighs a lot, that cannot help.
    To finish: The ER series seems to have a good following of people all over the world. I cannot find any links to any continual major problems with any of the ER 5 series.
    Same for the GS 500.
  12. agree with the feelings expressed so far. the ER5 is a great allrounder economical to buy and run - ideal step up from 250..... and i have one for sale at present - black, 2005, 6000 km, immaculate condition, one (older) owner........graham.perkin@gmail.com cheers gra. SORRY NOW SOLD, GRA