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kawasaki dealers in sydney?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by qbnspeedfreak, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. don't know where this belongs, but put it here as its maintainance related

    can anyone tell me, where in sydney is the closest kawaski dealer to holsworthy baracks? gotta get some parts for ricecooker' bike, as its now leaking oil, after the oil change (my fault, thank god she was almost back from sydney when it decided to start leaking)

    need to get the 2 washes for one of the oil cooler lines, and might as well grab a new sump plug washer while i'm at it, as they didn't even ask her if she would like one, even though the suckers shuld really be replaced every time the sump bolt comes out

    any help would be appreciated, i'm asking for sydney locations as i have to do a job up there tomorrow and don't know if i will get back to canberra in time to go to the local dealer here
  2. Your nearest Kawasaki dealer is actually not that far away. Try Aitkens Motorcycles on the corner of Newbridge Road and Heathcote Roads in Liverpool. They have been an Aprilia and Moto Guzzi dealer for quite a while, but have now taken on Kawasaki as well.
  3. Wow,
    Good thing she did not let go earlier, when I was following said ricecooker on our 500km Saturday oddessey around Syd. Would not have been pretty hooking it into a corner on putty rd and comming accros an oil spill at double the posted limit trying to keep up.

    Disaster avaoided... And I would do it again next weekend.
  4. I had much the same thought Karl... my rear tyre was covered in oil by the time I got home... imagine that while I was hooking in on Putty Road! :shock:

    Definitely disaster avoided... and I too would do it again next weekend! :LOL:
  5. Copper washers to suit the cooler lines and sump bolt will be available from any spare parts store. You just need to know inside diameter (ie bolt size).

    Regards, Andrew.