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Kawasaki Br250

Discussion in 'Archived' started by froggy, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Kawasaki BR250 - Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

    Was bought in a quite hard to start condition, I have rebuilt the carby and adjusted the clearances. That is about as far as my efforts went. It has been in the shed for the last year or so and I need the space to store my ex's stuff.

    I have bought another cluster and a number of other bits and pieces. Has a new seat. Needs a new can. A couple of small dings in the tank and the sump plug has been overtightened and seeps. Probably can be fixed with a slightly oversize plug.

    It has all the plastics removed, which I can put back on pretty easy.

    All in all it is a bike that with someone who knows more or less what they are doing will be up and running pretty quick. Mechanically are almost the same as the KLR250 except has an electric start so are pretty basic thumpers.

    Pics taken a while back including one taking it home when I got it, not much has changed just that the plastics are now removed.

    Price? Owes me more than I am likely to get but would be happy with $650


    A. B. C.

  2. 2 things...did bikes in the old days used to be accused of killing rabbits instead of kittens? there still seems to be one stuck under the bike

    and ...storing ex's stuff? bugger that - keep the old kwakka...shame your forever away otherwise i'd take it off your hands mate...best of luck with the sale
  3. Very interesting.

    Any more info?

    How long's it been sitting around? Does it start? obviously no reg etc?

  4. Haha yes rabbits seem to roam around freely :)
    On the other note... well yeah. One half of the shed is full and I can't stand her stuff in the house no more. Shame on me i 'spose.

    Not registered, I think I have the previous rego details about. I last started it in around March which took a little swearing to get going but seemed to run with a little throttle patience. I also have an owners manual and a service manual for it. Not much else to say really, I will flick you a pm with my contact details.

  5. [​IMG]
    Problem solved. :)
  6. Oh shit ! Froggy's hosting a Bon fire?! I'm in !
  7. Marshmallows are on me :devil:
  8. $550 and you can shout the matches :)
  9. I'll pop around tomorrow my man,

    Give me a bell 0425840392

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.