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Kawasaki Balius 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Paul D, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys
    After some constructive input, a friend of mine is considering buying one of these a 1998 model i'm told, I havent eyeballed it yet and know nothing about them.
    1 Are these things grey imports and are many of them about?
    2 What is the parts situation with them ?
    3 Do they have any known areas of fault

    Can anyone point me to a web site as I cant seem to find much info at all.
    Does anyone have any personal experience with this bike ?I would like your opinions please .

    Thanks in advance . Paul D 02 cbr600f4i

  2. The Balius, to the best of my knowledge has never been imported into Aust. by Kawasaki.

    So any that you come across are grey imports. I have been told by a few sources i.e. Balius owner and local mechanic that parts arnt a problem.

    I remember stumbling across a review somewhere on another forum about Balius being prone to rusting and some problems occurring after 25,000km.

    Part of the reason I gave the Balius a miss was due to lack of info. on them. I personally wasnt going to take the risk as the Suzuki Bandit and Zeal are very similar without the concerns.

  3. thanks Tony , That is precisely my concern too.
  4. my brother had one and i was told by kawasaki guys that they were brought in on request and sold new apparently but being scarce etc parts would be harder than say a gpx for example. One thing about it though its got a comfy seat.
  5. I think they did bring it out for a while, though I suspect it was later then 98, so you are still probably looking at a grey import.
  6. ibast i agree with ya even if it did sell brand new or not reagardles of that it is still rare therefore parts will be harder to hunt
  7. Viper, I see you have had a ballius and a GPX now, which one is more fun? I'm thinking of upgrading my GPX...
  8. Yah there were a few brought in as Australian imports, a guy in Melb I met a few times had one (and crashed it a few times before selling it).

    Most of them are probably grey imports... you can check by looking at the compliance plate.
  9. I have a 99 Balius. My one is not a grey import. It was purchased locally from Midtown Kawasaki in 99. I bought in last year with just over 7000km on it. It now has just over 20000km on it and has not missed a beat. From what I have read they have a detuned ZX2R engine in them, so I don't think parts will be too hard to find. I haven't had to replace anything on mine apart from a bent clutch lever (oops) and that was just a generic $30 part. I'm short at 5'2" and find it's a great height for me and is a good, fun bike to learn on. My hubby also rides it occasionally and he is 6' and has no problems. Personally, I don't know why they aren't more popular as I think they look a lot better than the other naked 250's as they look like a bigger bike. Just my 2cents.

    Nicole :D
  10. Friend has a Balius (early grey import '91)

    Nice looking beasts, but IMHO bloody uncomfortable if you're average height or taller.

    I tune/service it for her, and while the plugs, oil filter, chains, pads etc are pretty generic, things like the plug leads etc are hard to source, so is an english manual.

    We're still trying to find a decent set of leads, as previous owners have MANGLED the originals (yep, tried "generic" and home made, but you need a good waterproof seal or the plugs short out even in fog :shock: )
    Setup of welded frame above the cyl head makes plug relacing harder than most, I think that's why teh plug leads are so knackered.

    4 cyl 4 stroke donk and 6 speed gearbox give it reasonable go (for a 250), steering is pretty quick, real easy to flick around the traffic.
    Engine revs to 20,000 or 18,500 IIRC, but run out of legs way before that. Across is a stronger motor IMHO, it keeps pulling when the balius gets asthma, (again, 250cc ratings here)
    Balius donk is reputed to only manage 30,000ks or so before problems appear, the one I see is starting to blow smoke at ~27,000k's, admittedly it was never serviced properly till I started to do it.
    (Across donk is known to achieve 90,000 k's plus, but then I believe that keeping the revs down to 16,500 redline is limiting the stress on that motor)

    But how long do you intend to keep it? most of us toofiddy peoples upgrade as soon as restrictions/finances allow, so long term parts/reliability might not be an issue.

    Just my two cents FWIW

  11. yea iv got a gpx250 for money reasons as it is a cheaper bike to buy but as for looks i think the balius looks great although the gpx is not a bad looker either is has a nice miniture top gun look happening.

    As for riding etc the balius is more comfortable but the gpx is a little easier to learn on because of the motor is a little more gentle and torquer than the balius's inline four.
  12. According to Redbook, sold here from 1997 to 2000
  13. Never seen one of these before.
    Just watched a Youtube video and I must say I really like them now.
    20k RPM rev limit? Damn what a beast!