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Kawasaki advice welcome....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Slow Coach, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I did say in another forum that I was looking at a naked muscle bike etc but I think I have changed my mind.

    What do people think about the folowing bikes.....

    ZRX1200R (looks cool but not sure how I will handle long distances on it)

    ZX12R Ninja (sports bike- will it scare me. Can I handle it?)

    ZZR1200. (comfortable for long distance)

    No idea. I want it to have a bit more fun factor than FJR1300. But do not want it to scare me as much as R1 and Fireblade did.

    I am not sure what advice I am wanting or what I am looking for etc.

    I take it i really need to take them for a ride.
  2. How about a new Bandit for 12k?
    EDIT: I know it was a Kawa question but................
  3. ZRX1200R - fairly upright position so good for distance. Some complain about the limited fuel range.

    ZX12R Ninja (sports bike- will it scare me. Can I handle it?)
    It will scare you if you make it scare you. Its detuned power, not as twitchy as a racebike.

    ZZR1200. (comfortable for long distance)
    Pretty much zx12r, but little less sporty.
  4. Hey Cameron :grin:

    I reckon the ZX14 would be the go for you, only thing is Kawa doesn't have any at the moment, might know a customer with one for sale?
  5. Hey Johnny O

    Cheers, I took your advice for my name etc. Did not get a chance to sit on the ZX14. will pop in tomorrow and have a chat since I need to pick up a new lid so will be in town.
  6. ok, cant comment on the others but as to the zrx1200

    fuel range of about 250kms freeway cruisin, 200kms round town.

    seat is a little hard for some but that is an easy fix.

    dont expect to go hooning up in your local twisties, it isnt the bike for that, although with some suspension tweeking it aint half bad.

    if you are doing lots of long distances go for the s model, it is half faired and offers much more protection than the r model or even less on the n (although i dont think the n made it to aus) but dont forget it only has 5 gears so when you first start riding you are always looking for that mythical 6th gear

    it pulls like a freight train from 1000rpm up to its redline but it makes its peak hp and torque at about the 8700rpm mark so anything over is a waste.

    very good brakes and the hydraulic clutch is a dream.

    as to the styling, i am very bias on this one as i love the look of twin shock naked muscle bikes and the zrx fits this bill very nicely.

    there are shit loads of extras for the bike and an absolute wealth of info out there for mods and projects.

    and the price is pretty damn good too i got mine off the shop floor for $12,602 in 2005

    any more questions i can answer then post away or pm me
  7. Buy a twin. You'll be happier :p
  8. hmmm....
    you obviously have not ridden a A model (first of)
    un-restricted ZX12R................

    there were so many complaints about the level of power
    and the way it was delivered..as in sharply and brutally
    Kawasaki toned down the B model as well
    as restricting them to only 299 :twisted:

    and ZZR? nothing like a ZX12R
    go ride one

  9. Ive said it before and i will say it again go ride a late zx9r 2002-2003.It will do everything in comfort :wink:
  10. Dont listen to the old bloke smitty and his stories about the unrestricted model.. :p

    Now out of those bikes, a ZX12R will be all your dreams come true. If you want to know anything about the great beasts send me a pm with your details and ill give you a buzz.. :grin:
  11. If you are talking new, then yes the 14 is awesome.. Johnny i am sure will fill you in on all you need to know. I sometimes miss my 12, but then i get on the 14.. :twisted:
  12. Kawasaki question?

    Answer.... Don't.

    Most expensive plastics in the business.
    Worst gearbox in the business too.

    Want Rapid Transit - got the Busa.
    Want sportsbike, but not be scared? Any 600 or 750 will fit the bill/
  13. You know Dirty, for some reason i just have the softest spot for the Busa.. I am eagerly awaiting to see the 08 model in the orange.. :twisted: