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kawasaki 300, cbr 500. yamaha, suzuki?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by string, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. kawasaki released ninja 300, honda cbr 500r, i would buy anything between 350-400. yamaha (150, low...), suzuki, new bikes in the bracket?

  2. Suzuki has the GS500 and GS500F. I'm not sure about Yamaha road bikes in that range.
  3. Not sure what your question is there String. You appear to say you' buy anything between 350-400 (ccs?) but then name a 300cc and a 500cc.

    If you want 500 and talking new, the gs500 runout deals are awesome. There an honest bike but if need something that looks flash the Ninja suits the bill.

    Only you know what's best for you.
  4. I think he's asking what Suzuki and Yamaha has in reply to the ninja 300 and CB500 trio.

    None that I know of. But Yamaha is going to release a 250cc version of their 150cc sportbike overseas. Can't see why it wont make it into Australia, or get an increase in capacity.

    Rumor has it Triumph is working on a small cc bike. KTM has the new Duke 390 out this year and a faired version sometime in the future.
  5. this is the post i'm looking for. rumor on these small bikes, how many km/L would these bikes be? how does KTM spare parts support is? 500 is quite of range for me(money and power wise),road going, i see 350-400 is best. triumph smaller like the 675, going on the road, sounds great.
  6. I have no idea what mileage they'll get or how they'll ride. However, I think the driving factor for these small cc are the Asian and sub-continent market, where they will be built and sold, so fuel economy will be a factor.

    IMO, the newer bikes in Australia will be coming with the option of ABS to meet European compliance.

    I was personally keeping an eye on the KTM Duke 390 as a first bike. Lighter than a VTR 250 with more power and ABS. Small capacity and naked styling would hopefully make it cheap to insure. There are no specific reviews yet on the 390, but a 390 seems to be an enlarged KTM Duke 125/200 and there are reviews on these bikes.

    A friend with a KTM 520 said he had no issues with parts, but my riding instructor lumped KTM into the the exotic bike group for difficulty of obtaining parts. I am taking this to mean servicing and consumerable parts for the bikes are readily available, but not parts required to fix your bike in an accident, or parts to bling your bike.

    Pricing wise, I hope it is cheaper than $7,500 on road. I think the Australian release date is late March 2013.

    I only have rumor on the Triumph. Small cc, most likely a single, and naked styling. The artist rendering showed a single headlight mini street triple. To be built in Thailand. Unknown release date.
  7. I lent my VTR250 to a mate to get into the city to get a visa (free parking, splitting etc). He is without a bike at the moment. His comment when he got back was how linear the torque was and how easy it was to ride (he's commuted on 2-stroke sports bikes in the past...). The KTM390 won't have that linear v-twin delivery. It will be fun but not in the same "idiot proof" league as the the VTR. I imagine the ninja 300 would be similar to the VTR in the "idiot proof" or "learner friendly" stakes.
  8. this is like small ccs gathering. <500 or (400) sport style bikes gathering, sounds great. I had 600, it's still too fast on the road.
  9. Just today I rode the older 250cc parallel twin NInja whilst my buddy was taking the Ape for a spin....

    I must say - not such a bad little bike....

    Although I am biased and will always favour the V-twin of a VTR....this little Ninjette was not too bad at all.....

    The 300 should be a great thing IMHO
  10. That was up around the Spirit of Taz yeah ?
    I spotted your bike but not the BitMan riding.
    I nearly put a call in to you for a welfare check.
    But then I saw what looked like the BitMan in pursuit !
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  11. Yes indeed sir......I spotted the Sheriff car too and wondered to myself if it was Micky Boy :D