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Kawasaki 250R aka ZX-2R?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by S>Shift, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I found it curious while browsing for a first bike at a dealership recently, that they listed what I've always been told is called the 250R, or EX250, as the "ZX-2R".

    I apparently threw one of the salesman off by even referring to it as a 250R, and I was then assured that it is the same bike by another staff member.

    There's not much of anything about it already online from what I can tell, unfortunately, so I'm hoping someone here could clarify just what's going on for me - as I'm really very new to bikes and can do with all the help I can get.

  2. Welcome. Kawa branding is confusing as it’s different in America. EX250 was the American name for the Australian gpx250, now I think the name’s also used (in America) for the new Australian ninja 250. Not sure about the zx-2r vs 250r. It could be just another Japanese and Australian vs American branding thing. I think I remember something to do with 1 front disk vs 2 front disks on some of the models. You’re probably more confused now lol.
  3. Someone more knowledgable than me may know better, but I always thought the ZX2R was a grey import, not an official Australian model.
  4. ZX-2R is an inline 4cylinder high revving sportsbike. They dont make these anymore and haven't for a long while.

    Ninja250r/ex250/gpx250/zzr250 are 2cylinder ptwin entry level sport tourers.

    Try hards and salesmen might call their 'ninja' 250 a zx2r, but its a completely different bike.
  5. The current 250 is called the Ninja 250R. Model designation is EX250J. As posted above, the ZX2R is a totally different bike. The Ninja 250R is part of the introductory / semi-sport range which includes the Ninja 650R and Ninja 650RL (LAMS).

    I think Peter Stevens calls their 250R's 'ZX2R's instead.
  6. I believe there wasn't ever an official ZX-2R either. The ZXR-250 (It's official name everywhere but Jap. & Malay.) was just a ZX-250. Importers re-badged some in Aus as the ZX-2R. It utilised a 249cc 4-cylinder engine that revved harder than some F1 cars and made a noise similar to turbo-charged bees.

    The original GPX/EX250 is a parallel twin market as a light sports bike, while the ZZR-250 and new EX-250 are light sport tourers. All use the same 249cc parallel twin developed sometime around the reign of Louie XIV.
  7. It's a pity we don't have more of those bikes around. If they brought a modern 4 cylinder 250cc high revving sportsbike to Aus, Learners facing 3 years of restrictions would EAT them up. Just look at the demand for the 20 year old CBR250RR's

    4 Cylinder 250's sound damn sporty, I know I wanted one when I was on my L's.
  8. 2011 Model ZX2R

    In line 4 Cyl Water cooled 40kw EFI
    0-100kph 3.9 sec
    order yours today
  9. And whereabouts did you get this info from?
  10. That's a 2005 or 2006 zx-6r, aka zx636. Kawasaki have moved on from that styling and if they were planning a 2011 zx-2r, it would be much more angular.
  11. http://picsdigger.com/image/5b1f07b5/

    yea it is a 636 but they have it grouped under zx2r on this site
    the stats are bs
  12. 3.9 seconds for a 250? Bulllllllllshit
  13. Aprillia 2 stroke does it in 3.1 iirc
  14. And if you haven't ridden a 2 stroke before, it only takes 1.0 secs after hitting about 7000rpm to make a brown stain in your jocks......
  15. I doubt you will ever see a high reving 4 cylinder 250 like the cbr,zxr,fzr or gsxr again as they were built in a era when licensing in Japan was 250cc for the mid license. They have since changed it to up to 400cc for the mid license. What would sell well for learners would be something like a cb400 with fairings, the bike already meets lams in Australia and would still fall in the mid license ristrictions in Japan
  17. Since people are still posting, I have to say that I made a mistake by saying they're naming the bike the "ZX-2R" - it's actually just called a "ZX2". I got a little confused while searching the interwebs, unfortunately.
    The ZX2's still supposed to be the 250R, and I'm confident it is... in any case I've been told I can check the compliance plate to ensure this, but not where would I find that on a 250R - would be handy to know. thanks

    Still, sorry for the inaccurate information.
  18. Yeah but the RS250 isn't LAM's legal and pretty much nobody would buy a 250cc 4 stroke sportbike who wasn't restricted to LAMs. I think 40kW would put it over the 150kW/1t limit.