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Kawasaki - 250 Range Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by UnknownChoice, May 2, 2006.

  1. Hey guys / gals

    please dont kane me as im new to this site. I just sold my track car and decided to go to bikes. I have my eyes set on a Kawasaki 250, but when i went to sumoto to look there are so many types. What is the difference between the following..... (bar the price tag)

    Kawasaki ZX2R250
    Kawasaki ZX2C
    Kawasaki ZXR250

    I was probably swaying towards the Kawasaki ZXR250 as it was in the colour sceme i wanted.


  2. The ZXR250 and the Zx2r are the same bike, the Zx2r is just a marketing name.
    C designates the model type, C has a single headlight with 2 bulbs in it, A is the other model we got here most, 2 headlights.
    Paint scheme is probably due to the respray it got when it got here.

    I havent personally dealt with sumoto, (not very close :p ) but a lot of people have advised against going there.
  3. Do a search on "sumoto" on this forum and google.
  4. Damn, thanks guys for warning me, any ideas where to get a alright ZXR 250 then?
  5. what price were u loking at bud? there could be a zxr here up for grabs :wink:
  6. loan bikes are rubbish, not well maintained...always given heaps by riders who come off bigger bikes..most bike shop don't have loan bikes...
    what do you expect, its not like you have put a 80 thousand dollar car in for a service.....
  7. If you're wanting to use it as a track bike, it might be useful to get into contact with any bike racing clubs down your way. They usually have a database of bikes for sale. Could save you a bit of work getting it track ready too...

    Otherwise just check out the usual online stuff, tradingpost, bikepoint, bikesales and ebay...
  8. Er....think you may have replied to the wrong thread, champ!
  9. I am looking for a road bike, something to have fun in and just get about on. I have my eye on this mint CBR down here, just getting it checked out.

  10. If your looking at the CBR250RR, and are reasonably tall you might find it really uncomfortable, so make sure you sit on it for a while.
  11. I am only 5'8" so im sure i should be fine on it. Will sit on it for a while to make sure it does suit, thanks for all the help.