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Kawasaki 05/06 zx6r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tinman, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in the Kawasaki 05/06 zx6r. Does anyone have any experience with these bikes? Any opinions you would like to share? Pros and cons?

  2. The 05 was the last of the 636cc bikes IIRC, and 06-07 they've gone back to standard 600 class.

    A friend of mine had the 05 636 and it was a great bike.
    I have the 02 636 and I love it.

    There probably won't be a whole lot of difference between the 05 and the 06, but the extra cc's may make the 05 a little easier/lazier in day to day traffic.

    ... but hey, they're a 600 class - unless you're a big fat bastard you won't notice the difference :grin:

    Get whichever you find the best deal on - obviously 06 is newer: more current: better resale value for the same price.
    ... but the 05 will have the 'rare factor' when both purchasing and selling :eek:

    Ahh let me fall back on a traditional bike advice line:

    Test-ride both and buy the one you like the best. ;)
  3. Weren't the '06 still 636cc? - I believe they changed the shape ever so slightly in '05 which continued on in '06. They introduced the new shape with a 600cc cc engine in '07.


    But yes, my 2 cents is that the 05-06 models are an ideal bike, they look as pretty as any 600 on the road (bar the '06 r6) and have the 36cc edge.

    I second Ktulu in regards to test riding all bikes before even considering them. Also do a google search and you'll find some professional reviews.
  4. Yeah the 05 and 06 are still 636 to my knowledge. Changed to 599 in 07 I believe.

    An 05-05 zx6r is my dream bike, and I WILL own one, one day.
  5. They're great bikes Tin. Speak to Cage about his. Nothing but praise for it. Hope to see you on the road soon.

  6. My professional opinion - get an orange one!!! :grin:

    Well, my professional Girl's Opinion!!!
  7. Its a Kwaka, so it has to be good doesnt it .. :grin:
  8. Well. I got the '06 zx6, and it's a 636....
    They're great, got a littel more midrange power, so they say, but yeah.. as said before, much of a muchness. :]
  9. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I talked to a bike mechanic, and he said that kawasakis are the most expensive of the jap sports bikes to maintain. He also mentioned that the shims need to be replaced often so that is any extra 300 bux on top of servicing costs.

    Anyone else heard something like that?
  10. Kawasaki servicing prices are fine as long as they don't use genuine brakes - husband got a $2800 bill - told them to take the geniune gear off, put the old stuff back on, and took it to Honda instead!!

    GPX servicing costs - minor @ $150 Major @ $400 compared to
    Blackbird servicing cost minor @ $200 Major @ $600

    Ask a dealer to give you approximate prices on servicing costs. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid a big service price - get your bike serviced regularly.
  11. Well i think thats crap,done 80,000 ks on my zx9 and never heard such crap.Major service with shim check $400.00 :grin:
  12. Why not ask your usual mechanic for a quote for a full service and tune for a ZX6R, and then get similar quotes from other mechanics?

    Then perhaps compare these quotes for similar quotes for other 600's you may be interested in?

    Either way, the '05/'06 ZX6R are sexy, awesome bikes. From what I've heard you might want to invest in a steering dampener though.


    "It all comes down to what you do with the right wrist!"
  13. I had an 03 zx6, and when I sold it there was 35,000 odd km on it and the shims had never needed to be done.
    Mechanic is talking out his... Find a new mechanic who actually knows what he's talking about :)

    I had a yamaha and I'm on my 2nd Kwakka, they are certainly not more expensive to maintain than other bikes.
  14. the 05 and 06 are both 636 though the 07 is a true 600 and is the one that comes in orange. the 05 got the rr cams and a few other trick bits and was softend a bit so no real need for a steering dampner. i bought th 636 se silver with flames and red wheels. i found them to be a bit bigger than the 07 with a bt more punch for the road which is why i got one.
    resale is not as big an issue as you should get a better buy price on the 06.
    i havn't experienced service cost issues like those discribed but i always ask to have a estimate emailed to me before i bring the bike in.