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News Kawasaki’s miniature Supernaked

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Kawasaki has released the Z125 PRO Supernaked in Australia, probably the most fun you can have for four grand.

    Although it’s learner-approved, that’s partly becasue it’s small and light at just 102kg, but the seat heigh at 805mm is high enough that this machine is designed for teens and adults, and of course it’s fully road leagal.

    The fuel-injected 125cc four-stroke engine is low-maintenance and features electric start, there are petal disc brakes at both ends and the little beast just screams out how much fun it’ll be to ride.

    The Z125 PRO is available at Kawasaki dealerships now at an RRP of $4099+ORC, Cycle Torque will be testing one soon, and we can’t wait.

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  2. is this direct competitor for the Honda Grom? but without the hype?
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  3. Must be?
  4. I guess if you were in the market for a scooter but wanted something more motorcycley?
  5. For a Kawasaki option to a scooter, I would rather:
  6. Nothing but a senseless waste of money, exactly why I just put a deposit down on one o_O

    I think these mini-motorbikes are very polarising, you either want one or not...I decided I want one and the Kawa is a bit better for me than the Grom
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  7. Grom kwacka GP series imminent....
  8. such a cheesy promo-vid
  9. Apparently the Braaaap Urban is a better mini moto than the Grom.
    2016 braaap URBAN

    Who would have thought that?
  10. Pfft......


    But I get your point. :)
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  11. GROM vs Z125 PRO vs KSR PRO

  12. on go-kart tracks? sounds like fun!
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  13. With some jumps added....
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  14. But the 300 is getting to big & heavy, it's almost as makes no difference a regular motorcycle. We're looking at ultralite bikes, something that's lighter & more flickable than a regular motorcycle. Because weight & bulk, regardless of how much extra horsepower you might get, ruins everything.
  15. The Braaaap looks good, but for the same money I'd get a Grom or Z125 and stick some motard-looking plastic on it.

  16. You've gotta hand it to Brappp, their bike is about 15kgs lighter than Kawa or Honda's offerings. While it is tempting it would just be such a massive hit when it comes to resale, and potentially difficult to offload even at the right price.

    For me I went the Kawasaki over the Honda as 1) I managed to talk it down to the same price, 2) bigger fuel tank 3) slightly higher seat height. But really there is little separating them. To me the Grom has a 2 pot front calliper so should in theory be better under brakes, and is available in a colour other than Ninja Green.
  17. Posties will look cool riding these!!!
  18. We will be testing one soon!
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