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Kawaka vn900 custom breaks

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Garou, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Hey there folks.

    In the next couple of months it is looking like I will finally be able to make the leap off of the old 250 and into a big boy bike. So I am in process comparing bikes. The options at the moment seem to be narrowing down to the Triumph Speedmaster and the Kawasaki vn900.

    The vn900 seems to be a little low on the Horespower side of things compared to the Trumpy, but can readily be upgraded with to boost power and still come in under the trumpy price wise.

    The one concern I do have is about the breaking system. The speedmaster has a nice twin disc breaks up front, while the vn900 is only a single.

    So are there any vn900 riders out there that would care to comment on their impressions about the breaks, and I suppose the power. I would especially love to hear from anyone with experience on both bikes.


  2. i remember back in primary school. after a spelling test the teacher made us write every word we spelled wrongly 20 times.

    b-r-a-k-e-s :wink:
  3. Personally, I wouldn't buy a bike that breaks as a design feature :p :LOL:
  4. Triumph's brother to the Speedmaster, the America has just a single front disc brake, so while two discs up front are nice, it may not be necessary.

    You can always add a braided brake line to help with braking duties if one disc doesn't feel up to it.
  5. Suzuki's M50 also only has a single disc up front, and is fine as a comparison (800cc)
    Add braided lines to get some feel, and it is more than capable of stopping quickly.

    A cruiser also has a greater rear wheel bias than a sportbike, enabling the use of the rear brake at a rate greater than a sport bike.

    use both brakes - and you will be fine.
  6. another free bump..

    what did u end up getting as im looking at the exact same 2 bikes?
  7. Go the Speedmaster - my wife has one an friggin loves it. I wasn't to keen on it at first cos I'm partial to V twins but I have really warmed to it and the cruiser style Trumpy's, so much so, that when I upgrade I may look at a Speedy or Thunderbird.
  8. only problem is they are air cooled, i prefer liquid cooled
  9. Not had a problem with the brakes on mine.
  10. happy with your kwaka dracom?
  11. Love it, about to take it in for it's 48,000km service.