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Kawaka GPX and Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vivendus, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Chalk and cheese, different bikes i know, cant compare a BMW to a ford etc.

    Lemme explain my situation.

    Ive tried the GPX, ZZR and GT250 and they are all comfortable- albeit the GPX feels smaller.

    I have a few dealerships fighting between themselves in a price war. All im after is general opinions from the community. Considering the bike will be bought new, so warranty covers anything that may go wrong mechanically, which do you think would be better to ride considering i dont forsee any upgrade for the next 5 years.

    Lemme tell you the prices;
    Including a;

    HJC FG-14 Pheonix Helmet
    DriRider Dri-mesh Climate control Jacket
    Draggin Cargos
    Dririder Apex Gloves
    Dririder Nordic 4 boots

    a new Kwaka GPX 250 (including ORC) will cost me $7000.

    with exactly the same gear

    a new Hyosung GT250R (inc ORC and 1st service) will cost me $8000.

    ZZR totalled up near $9500-10000 so more than my strict budget.

    Ive factored in insurance etc yadda so im just interested in opinions on the suitability of the bike. Im 6" (180cm) and 85kg, broad of shoulder and both bikes feel comfortable to me.

    Im worried that the GPX will seem cramped, yet the smaller bike is easier for a noob.

    The Hyosung has as many good reports as bad- most seem like bias rants rather than offering any evidence to back up what theyre saying.

    Cosmetically- i like the look of the GT more, mechanically, i trust Kwaka more.

    Please help, and TIA for any input.

  2. The Hyo has been a great bike for me thus far, with only the clutch being annoying (sometimes difficult to switch it up into neutral). Otherwise, top bike.

    That's all I can offer.
  3. I think that says it all mate. The Kawa has the long standing reputation, the Hyo is the new kid on the block. However, seeing as your buying new perhaps it wont matter.

    In the past, i would have thought the Hyo would depreciate more but now that doesn't seem to be the case, they both hold reasonable value. You've really got both ends of the size scale there, the GPX is small and the Hyo is big for a 250.

    I think the Hyo certainly looks more modern but thats a personal opinion.

    In terms of the Hyo, i can say that mines been perfectally reliable and no problems to speak of.

    Have you taken both for a really good spin?
  4. I've had problems with my Hyo. Clutch cable snapping. Fuel tap snapping, Cam chain snapping. But on the positive all those were put under warrenty, sometimes after a but of a fight because of who i bought it off, but put under warrenty in the end. But the bike is nice and gets some looks. ANd lots people asking what it is. Then when you tell them they go a Hyowhat??
  5. I vote for ZZR and Hyo..
  6. :idea: i tryed the same thing at the end of the day its what you feel most comfortable on im just over 6" myself and have a GPX and love it i can laydown on the tank when the wind is really strong with my feet on the back pegs and still feel comfortable if my feet are on the front pegs when i lay on the tank but at the end of the day its what looks good to you and what you feel comfortable on
  7. I'm only 5'8 ( :?: ) and love my GPX. I have plenty of room for the legs, riding position is comfortable, but gets uncomfortable on longer rides. Corners a dream and is generally a great bike.

    That said, a lot of people like the ZZRs and the Hyosung, despite the fact that they've only been in the market for a couple of years.
  8. hyo arnt that great , look good but i seen a few people that wonna sell due to mech problems , im getting a gpx or zzr , rather them then hyo any day
  9. Go the Kawasaki, if you look after it and sell it you'll still get a good price for it when you do sell - luckily for us (And unlikely), the 250 prices here are inflated due to our lovely laws (in Victoria anyways)

    I chose a GPX (havent ridden yet - still paying it off!), and I am a very similar height to you, and am about 10-15kgs heavier (Not fat either)
  10. A lot of unknowns surfaced about the "new" Comet GT250, the defense was warranty coverage. The "old" GPX250 - bullet proof, just ride and rev and off you go. In my opinion who would like to have a new bike if your frequent destination is the workshop for warranty repair - none. I'd rather have a bike that takes me to my real destination and back safely. GPX is very reliable(& fun too) - can commute, can fang it on the twisties, can tour comfortably, ZZR is pretty much the same with GPX but you pay a bit more (for additional plastics :LOL:), Comet is new with mix reviews.

    At the end of the day it is still up to you, if you want to save a bit of money and still have fun riding, take the GPX, if you want to pay a bit more and favours the size of the GT then go for it, do not take the ZZR I think it is a bit over priced (you get the same fun with a GPX).

    Just my 2c worth.
  11. I'd say go the gippie, if it feels good do it. Don't know about the WA market but in VIC you'll easily get half your money back when you decide to sell in 5 years. (assuming we don't get LAMS by then)

    Make sure the helmet is a good comfy fit before you settlle for the gear, I tried on HJC but it just hurt too much.
  12. Re HYO Vs Kwaka

    well i originally i wanted a Suzuki GSX250F (across to most) but after riding a GT250 i was sold!!! i took all reports in to account and from what i can say about these is that all bikes can have their gripes so buy what you feel like.

    I purchased a Yellow GT250R with-out riding as i prefer the fully faird bikes - nothing wrong with Naked's - i like them too!
    I have now had this bike for about 3wks i have done about 100k's on it now and everyday she just gets better and better.

    I am 5'10" and i love the size of the Gt250R - same size a 600/650cc bike so size wise you will not be cramped at all!!!! my Bro in law took it for a ride, he is 6'3" and was not cramped...... Fuel economy on the Gt250r is GREAT and getting better about 4-500k's out of a tank depending on how you ride it!

    i would say that in my opinion the Kawa's are too small esp if you are gonna keep it for 5yrs like you said you will - get the bigger bike! this will hold you in good stead for when you get your bigger bike licence -you'll just have to get used to the power of the bigger bike.......

    Also the last report that i read somewhere was that Hyo have ironed out their electrical problems early this year - i have NONE!! early days though! they stated that the only problems were with stuff that they did not make themselves but they are now making their own electrical stuff!!!!

    in relation to mechanical probs - any bike will have prob's if you thrash it and do not treat it as you should!!! make what you want of this statement...... no bike will stand-up to being abused constantly!

    i look at all other 250's now and just go WOW they are tiny and i know that i would feel cramped on something so small......

    thats my 2cents worth!!! :cool:
  13. I've got a gpx and love it to bits (whilst on my restrictions) apart from the fact i'm too big for it. I'm 6'2 and about 95kg and long rides start to get a bit painful, my back gets cramped up. I'll have to try the tip about putting my feet on the rear footpegs and see if that helps. But yeah if it isnt too physically small for you and you dont intend on riding for 6 or 7 hours a day too often go the gpx, you pretty much know almost 100% that you;re not gonna have any dramas in 5 years. That price for the zzr looks so high, they're almost as old a design as the gpx. How about a 1 or 2 year old zzr??
  14. I had a zzr250 about 10 years ago I am 6'3 and felt great on the bike and it was an awesome little 250, the price does seem high I would never buy a new 250 as the warranty isn't worth the extra money nothing major will go wrong with them any way engines are strong and same for the gpx 250 brother had one, gpx's go quicker than the zzr's for some reason engines have more get up and go, you tend to get used to the bike you have any new bike when you cover long distance for first time hurts a little just need to open a can of harden the fark up dont know anything about the gt250 r sorry though I saw some one bin a 650 at a eastern creek track day a few months ago brand new it was very messy afterwards , good luck mate go with what you like and can afford
  15. hi all, i'm new to the forums but i thought i'd make my comments about the hyosung...

    i have ridden my friends hyo gt250r... u cant go past the sound of the gt250r's vtwin with an aftermarket can (sounds like a 1000- nice and deep throughout the rev range) and when ure cruising, its alot more soothing i find as the revs arent sitting as high as other bikes..

    even though it was a short ride, i found myself very comfortable, brakes & suspension were sufficient when i was cruising- but im not sure how they'd hold up if u give them a hard time...

    and because ure not revving as high as other bikes, i guess the stress/reliability shouldnt be too bad - i havent heard of any mechanical failures yet

    they make a great learners bike for the bigger people due to comfort- i'd say 5'10 or taller.. the lcd instrument panel is great & easy to read.. when going around corners- the turn-in felt good and not scarey at all...

    overall i would rate it 7.5 out of 10 :]
  16. I'm with you, chaz, it can hurt a bit but u do gotta harden the fark up, no way i'm gonna sell it for something bigger just cos it hurts a bit for the time being. Everything i've read has said the gpx's go a bit harder, maybe its the lighter weight. Not sure if they have the same gearing as the zzr or not. But the zzr would be a better highway cruiser (by 250 standards anyway). But seriously vivendus look at a nearly new zzr, as long as you take a bit of care of it and dont cane it too much you're not gonna have any probs in 10 years, let alone 5. Dont mean to sound like a broken record, but you will want more power in much less time then 5 years (more like 5 minutes lol)
  17. go the hyo....only because i used to own one and i think they are go really well :grin: :grin:
  18. I'll use the same argument for the GPX then! :p

    I love my GPX. I belt the living Sh!t out of it, and it still goes just fine. Plus it has a sweet, sweet scream at high revs, which is why I named mine Banshee
  19. I will go GPX. It just keeps on going, going and going.
  20. www.korider.com

    Read the story about the guy thats on his 3rd motor YES 3rd on the GT650