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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Beza, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. After the passing of Kwaka1 I found this little beauty on bikesales pretty much brand new, 630kms on the clock and 21months warranty still on the bike. All I had to add to it was a new exhaust (Carbon M4 Sports) which got my me first complaint this morning from a neighbour across the road before I even left the garage.



  2. Nice. Where and how much for the exhaust and tail?
  3. Exhaust I got off ebay new for $499 the cowl, tail tidy was already on the bike when I got it.
  4. Mate from work has the same bike and wants an exhaust and to make the tail like that. How does the exhaust sound, was it easy to put on and would you recommend it? Link too please.
  5. The exhaust it very easy to put on. You just undo the old one and slip on the new one. Takes about 20mins and all you need is a spanner and screw driver.

    There's different types of eliminator kits around some need cutting others don't. I put mine on my last ninja took me a few hours. You need to take off the fairings and do some basic rewiring for the lights. I'm not the most mechanically minded person but I got it done with a bit of patience.

    The exhaust is loud, louder than my Yoshi. If your goal is to be heard I'd definitely reccomend getting one.
  6. So, how are you going to deal with the pissed off neighbour? Not rev it? Not give a ****? :)
  7. What's your address, I'll get the 'safty' bike over there. I promise your neighbour will never complain about how loud your pipe is after that :p.
  8. Well the bike was warming up in neutral I was just standing there putting a watch on the bike when I get tapped on the shoulder by some half dressed lady thinking WTF. Saying something about having kids etc.

    I Told her I was sorry but I needed to be in early today and the bike has to be warmed up or it will stall.

    I think part of the problem may have been the noise bouncing off the garage walls into the street. Next time I'll take it out and warm it up and see how that goes.

    At the end of the day I need to get to work and if that means her having to listen to my bike for a few minutes each morning then tuff luck. I'm not going to risk stalling at the lights and some moron running up my backside because the kids in the back of her 4WD were distracting her from watching the road.
  9. I might take you up on that, especially if your a big burly biker type.
  10. I'm a girl! But the 'safty' bike is a gsxr1000 with a gp pipe (it's a friends bike, but he'll be up for it), it gives harley's run for their money and sets off car / bike alarms.
  11. Well he can ride past my place at 6am so I don't have to set my alarm clock :)
  12. Thanks Beza. Also any links for a decent tail tidy kit for a 2010 ninja 250. It's the same model and colour as yours.
  13. With the tail and exhaust Happening it really looks like one of the bigger ninjas. Nice(y)
  14. Yeah 9 months to go before I get my Zx6R :D
  15. That is a very tidy looking 250, and its loo ks like a 600 from the pics.. compared to other 250 ninja's ive seen. nice one, well done