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kawa er-6f replacement?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by supagu, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. I have a kawa er-6f, 2008 model.

    I'm potentially thinking of getting a replacement for. I do like this bike heaps, and I'm currently looking at the 09 model and thinking it might be a nice little upgrade. Also thinking I may as well wait for the 2010 model as that should be out in a few months shouldnt it?

    I figure, hey while im looking at an upgrade, i may as well sus out other bikes in a similar category. The main thing i like about this bike is i can reach the ground. Its the lowest sporty bike I could find.

    Any suggestions?

    Any one know where I can see/try some buell motorcycles in Adelaide?
  2. I wouldn't count on Kawa Aus getting a 2010 model of the ER-6 until well into 2010, they are only just about to start bringing in the 2009 Versys and we are already half way through July!!
  3. Isn't the new one already here? Called a 650 Ninja or similar.
  4. GSXR1000 :wink:
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  6. Is it really worth going from the 08 er6f to the 09 ninja650r bike?
    From a quick google, its only a few minor changes made to it. Seems a bit silly to sell a 1 year old bike for something not all that different.
  7. yeah hence me also looking at a possible replacement
  8. They've improved some important things on the new model, mainly made the bike smoother and look quite nice from the outside... but then f***d it up completely with another stupid, ridiculous, pointless, 'motogp inspired' unreadable LCD instrument pod in place of proper gauges.

    Options in this price bracket.. if you're looking at new bikes with fairings I think there are just two, really: either GSX650F, heavier but much smoother bike... or the new Yamaha Diversion, the half-faired model. Supposedly nice but fairly gutless engine.
  9. The engine on the 09 model is exactly the same as the 08, and develops the same peak power output. The changes are essentially fuel mapping, revised suspension and swingarm, tweaked ergonomics and cosmetic alterations. Not worth upgrading for, in my opinion.

    If you are willing to wind the engine up to extract performance, consider the Yamaha FZ6. You will be sacrificing torque in exchange for more power. The FZ6 is very docile and smooth at low revs but comes alive at high revs. The FZ6 has a power to weight ratio of 250 kw per tonne as opposed to the ER6 at 190 kW per tonne. The FZ6 has a seat height of 795 mm as opposed to the ER6 at 785 mm, so not much difference.

    However, if you want more power while retaining the torque, you will need to either ditch the fairing and get a Triumph Street Triple (290 kW / tonne and 800 mm seat), or sacrifice a little manoeuvrability and move up to a heavier litrebike.

    I wouldn't recommend either of those bikes. Roughly the same power to weight, but with less torque to weight than the ER6. Trust me, I have a spreadsheet. :p

    BTW, my power to weight ratios assume a rider of 90 kg weight including gear, half a tank of petrol, and otherwise full fluids. Your mileage may vary.
  10. Going from the 08 model to the 09 model won't really be much of an upgrade, some minor things may have changed but it's essentially the same bike and it will start to feel really familiar real soon. If you want to upgrade, why not go for a z1000?